Whodunnit?, Episode 2: Firestarter

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As I wrote in my previous post, I am watching the ABC reality series Whodunnit? as a writing exercise. Here’s some text for the premise of the show before I get into specifics (just in case you don’t want to be spoiled). If you’d like to listen to Liam and Regan’s podcast about episode 1, you can find it here. If you’re watching along, you can find Episode 2 here.

Dear Mortals,

You’ve all been personally selected to play my diabolical game of life and death. Your job: stay alive long enough to discover who I am. You can only do that by being the best at solving the crimes I put before you. Fail, and you may be the next to die.. here are the rules. Following each murder, I will offer you the opportunity to investigate one and only one of the following areas: the crime scene, the victim’s last known whereabouts, or… the morgue, where you can examine the corpse in a more private setting. Take a moment to decide which of the three areas you wish to investigate. Give careful consideration to your choice. Take a look around. The killer, I’m afraid, is among us.

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Whodunnit?, Episode 1: High Voltage

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My writing hasn’t been as prolific as I’d like it to be this year, so I’m going back to one post a week, and I’ll be covering the one season reality show Whodunnit?, which is delightful and was cancelled far too soon. I found out about this show on a Facebook group and suggested my friends Regan and Liam cover it on their podcast, Mystery Twins Detective Agency. I recently had the time to watch it myself, and decided that this would be the perfect way to ease back into writing on a regular basis. If you’d like to follow along, the entire series is on YouTube. This post is probably going to be a bit longer than the rest of them, due to the work that goes into establishing the characters and premise. Onwards!

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