2016 Golden Globe Predictions: Television


I’m going to miss these guys. Image courtesy of HFPA.

The Golden Globes is the first big awards ceremony to kick off the awards season when it comes to film. The problem here is that approximately 1% of the films that have been nominated have been released in Australia. Last year I used a randomiser to predict the film winners, but this year I’m going to leave my film predictions for the Oscars. There are still distribution issues with television in Australia, but it’s slowly getting better, and I think I’ve seen most of the nominated shows that I actually want to watch. It’s been a good year in television, and I like the complete unpredictability of the Hollywood Foreign Press, so every prediction I make will be worth a grain of salt.

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Emmy 2015 Reactions: There’s a lot to be happy about.

The huge success story of the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards is HBO, nearly sweeping the drama, comedy and limited series categories, with a few exceptions. Aside from that however, this is the least angry I’ve been watching the Emmys, and that’s because the majority of the awards felt deserved, even when they went to people who had won them previously. I was happy about results and disappointed about others, but this year the majority of the awards felt right, and there weren’t any odd tributes to the year 1963. I’m writing this on the fly, so I’ll see how this goes, I have no idea what happens next. I will put my predictions tallies up at the end of the post though.

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Final Emmy 2014 Predictions for Comedy Series

Over the past few days I’ve made Emmy predictions for the Miniseries and Movie categories, where I pulled names out of a hat, and the Drama Series categories where I’d actually seen the majority of the nominated shows. For comedy series, I’m somewhere in the middle. I watch a few sitcoms, but those shows have very few, or no nominations, with the exception of Orange Is The New Black, a show I love and hope wins many awards. So I’m going to make predictions, many of which will be stabs in the dark, but it’ll be fun.

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