Creative Arts Emmys results!

There has been a leadership challenge in the Australian government this afternoon, but I make a point to not talk about politics on this blog unless it’s part of what I’m reviewing. I’ve been quite busy today, so I haven’t had much time to watch anything, so that gives me a chance to have a look at the winners for the Creative Arts Emmys, which were held last weekend. The Creative Arts awards are for the people who are in the crew of a television show: editing, design, cinematography and sound mixing – basically all the people who get played off at the Oscars because they’re not famous enough to be allowed to make a big speech even though they’re the leaders in their fields. I know that Bradley Whitford beat John Hamm, but that’s about it, so I’m going to pull up a winners list and then we’ll get started. This isn’t going to be a comprehensive analysis, I’m just going to comment on the things that are important to me.

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