The Washing Up Podcast

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The latest episode of The Great Australian Bake Off finished a couple of hours ago, and I had a great time as a guest on The Washing Up with Chris and Kristie talking Bake Off, Mel and Claire, #JusticeForBarb, the names of our cookbooks and several other non-Bake Off related topics. Chris and Kristie are wonderful, and I love the show and its fandom on a larger scale. Being able to have fun with other people who love Bake Off and have been on it is a pleasure. Or perhaps Layers of Pleasure.

We also had a chat about food privilege and I mentioned an article about the sort of food we see on Masterchef, which you can find over on Kill Your Darlings.


I did a podcast! What’s the Riverdeal?

2017-05-07 (1)

The Riverdeal is that Cheryl is always fabulous.

The title says it all, really. Last week I was watching the penultimate episode of Riverdale’s first season, and Liam and Regan invited me to join them to podcast about it. I was on their first podcast about a year ago when we discussed the Lost finale, which was fun. This was even more fun because Riverdale is a zeitgeist show, and we’d just found out who the killer was. About an hour after we finished recording, I posited that perhaps Nana Blossom was the one who killed Cliff, because it’s the kind of crackpot theory I can get on board with – I knew it was basically impossible, but crackpot theories are supposed to be fun. Anyway, you should give it a listen with the rest of the podcast. They watch mystery television shows and try to solve them. Next they’re watching a show called The Sniffer that’s on Netflix. From what they’ve told me it’s not very good. Let’s see where that goes.

Favourite podcasts of 2016: Part 2

It’s the 14th of January, and I still haven’t finished writing my list of favourite podcasts in 2016, so I decided that I really needed to get it done before the end of the month. I have a couple of other things planned, but they require a little more planning. Part 1 covered the pop culture podcasts, and Part 2 is all comedy all the time. 2016 was the first year I really listened to comedy podcasts, so I’ve had a lot of catching up to do. I listen to many podcasts, but there are even more I don’t listen to.

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Favourite podcasts of 2016: Part 1

I’m doing my Best Of lists a bit late. Because I didn’t have a commitment to write every day, I didn’t consume as much content. The films and television were down (well, current shows, I caught up on a lot of things I’d been planning to watch for ages), and my reading was absolutely woeful until I had a period of two weeks where I did nothing but read. What I have consumed a lot of in 2016 is podcasts. I like being able to do things while I listen to podcasts, so it’s how I get most of my chores done. This list is in no particular order, and I’m at various stages of listening, so I don’t know some as well as others.

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My podcast debut!

I finally finished watching Lost a couple of weeks ago. A week before that I asked Regan Lloyd and Liam Smith if I could be on the Lost focused episode of their podcast, and they said yes! I’ve been in contact with Liam and Regan since about February or March when I found their podcast through the Late Nite Films twitter account. Late Nite Films is the production company behind The Wizards of Aus, and the day after I wrote my review of that show is still the best day for this blog in terms of views. So I downloaded the latest episode of a  podcast called Teaves, which I presumed meant tea and television (I was correct). Each week Liam and Regan watch and review one episode of television. Most of the time this is a pilot or premiere, sometimes it’s based on a theme; Valentine’s Day was “Cooler” from season two of New Girl, featuring the Nick and Jess kiss. It’s  good fun.

Anyway, I was on the Lost episode of Teaves, and I was incredibly nervous. I had no reason to be because Liam and Regan are lovely people, and I’d like to thank them again for having me on. I have no idea if Regan heard me yelp somewhere in the second half of the podcast when I accidentally closed the Skype call during editing. If you’d like to listen, it was released today! I don’t know if I’ll write an entire post about the Lost finale, but I’ll be linking to some of the pieces that really sat with me after the season finale. The one thing I wanted to make sure of was that I linked to this book by Alan Sepinwall, which is a fantastic resource for television fans. I have the first edition, the second edition was released last year after Mad Men and Breaking Bad had completed their runs. Alan Sepinwall has just finished writing a second book with critic Matt Zoller Seitz (author of this Mad Men book), which I have pre-ordered. Look for the rest of the links and some of my thoughts in an upcoming post.

The Vicar of Dibley Easter Special: “The Easter Bunny”

easter bunny

Dawn French. Image courtesy of the BBC.

Geraldine: This is the awful moment in which I tell you that the Easter Bunny absolutely and totally does not exist at all.

Alice: Well maybe not where you come from. But here, we’ve got our very own proper Easter Bunny.

This blog post starts with the fact that I’ve been hiding something from all of you. At the beginning of February I started listening to Teavescast, one of my new favourite television podcasts. They watch an episode of television a week and then talk about it, and it’s great. Last week they watched the Easter episode of The Adventures of Lano and Woodley, titled “The Easter Story.” First of all, The Adventures of Lano and Woodley is a fantastic show and you should watch it. I remember going to Lano and Woodley’s farewell show, and it was truly fantastic. Frank Woodley was also one of my favourite guests on Spicks and Specks. Then once you’ve watched that, you can listen to Teavescast. The other thing that happened is that this inspired to watch and review an Easter episode myself, and I chose The Vicar of Dibley. This isn’t a show that I watched on a regular basis, but I remember watching this one, and I was in stitches. So I decided that “The Easter Bunny” would be the subject of this post.

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Podcast Review: Beautiful/Anonymous with Chris Gethard

I started watching The Chris Gethard Show in late 2013 when I was finishing up my Masters degree. After spending 8-9 hours studying in the library, I was too exhausted to study at home in the evening, so I would watch at least two episodes of TCGS a night. It was exactly what I needed in the evening. TCGS  is funny, but Chris was also open about his depression, and they weren’t afraid to have serious discussions. It was also a live call-in show, and the interaction between the cast and the audience, which is what made the show truly special. The show’s transition from Public Access to cable meant that the format was changed slightly as it was shortened to a half-hour instead of an hour. There weren’t as many calls, which was a shame, but the new season (which begins filming next week) has gone back to an hour-long show. Produced by Earwolf, Beautiful/Anonymous, or Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People reminds me of what TCGS was like on public access. Chris Gethard talks to someone for an hour about anything he wants. He’s not allowed to hang up until after an hour, but the caller can hang up at any time.

Beautiful/Anonymous premiered this week, and at the time I’m writing this, there have been two episodes. Because of the way iTunes works, I’ve listened to the second episode, and it was fantastic. I love hearing people’s stories, and the person Geth spoke to for the second episode was fascinating. He called to tell the story of how he managed to get a passport in less than a week, but they ended up having a 40 minute tangent about the caller’s religion. I’m not going to tell you what it is, because you should listen to it. Chris is a great listener, and his desire to know more about this particular religion came from a place of curiosity rather than anything else. I normally take some time to make my mind up about a podcast, but I was sold after one episode. It’s great. If you’re a fan of This American Life or Dear Hank & John, this is definitely worth a listen.