2016 Logie Nominations: How do they work?

Australia’s Logie Awards are a strange beast. Sponsored by TV Week magazine, the Australian television industry’s awards combine People’s Choice awards in the “Best” categories, and industry voted awards in the “Most Outstanding” categories. The first awards, which were then known as the TV Week awards were held in 1959, after the magazine attached voting coupons to its editions in late 1958. Australians can nominate their favourite shows and television personalities by snail mail, as well as via text message and online. The eligibility of a show is fairly simple: it must be produced in Australia and have a predominantly Australian cast. It’s fairly straightforward, at least until you get into categories.

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No Activity: Stan’s first foray into original programming is a partial success.

A few weeks ago I wrote about this interview with Stan’s director of content, prior to the release of its first original scripted programme, No Activity. As the launch date (Thursday October 22nd) got closer, I saw some positive reviews from Australian television critics, and I was hopeful. No Activity comes from JungleBoys productions, the company responsible for A Moody Christmas. It also boasted Australia’s favourite leading man at the moment, Patrick Brammall, who has proven himself more than capable of both comedy and drama. Then I hearfd that my favourite New Girl actor Jake Johnson was going to be on, and I was sold. The show was semi-improvised, like Johnson’s film Drinking Buddies, and I was really looking forward to the debut of this new series.

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