True Detective, Season 2 Episode 4: “Down Will Come”

This is going to be my last review of #TrueDetectiveSeason2. The hashtags were more fun than the show, and my notes for this week were literally “Tim Riggins” and then I started playing mahjong on the tablet. I have complete editorial control over my own blog, and I’m just not putting myself through a show that is as dreary and dull as Melbourne’s sky has been over the weekend. This is also probably going to be shorter than my self-imposed 500 words per day, so I have no idea what I’ll write about afterwards.

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True Detective, Season 2 Episode 3: “Maybe Tomorrow”

This is going to be a fairly short review (it’s actually more of a recap) because my laptop broke this morning, and I’m using my dad’s old tablet, which is not great. Also I’m watching Have You Been Paying Attention, so my attention is divided. Anyway, “Maybe Tomorrow” is the best episode of True Detective‘s second season so far. Colin Farrell has a fever dream! Abigail Spencer tries to give him $10,000 to not fight for custody and he refuses! Taylor Kitsch looks alive! Colin Farrell’s character is actually alive because the guy who shot him used riot shells – like cops use. Does that mean that the shooter was a cop? I have no idea, but let’s get to it!

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True Detective, Season 2 Episode 2: “Night Finds You”

I was ready to give up on True Detective halfway through the episode. I nearly fell asleep, and my mum asked why I was watching it more than once. I don’t know whether it’s a show I’ll keep writing about, but I’ll definitely keep watching for at least two more weeks to see where it goes. At this stage in True Detective’s first season, I stopped watching because I wasn’t on Nic Pizzolatto’s wavelength. I’m still not on his wavelength, but he managed to bring the weirdness in the final two minutes that makes me curious enough to watch for a few more weeks. There are some good things in here, mostly involving Abigail Spencer. Aside from that though, this show is way too heavy on the exposition. Try showing and not telling.

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True Detective, Season 2 Episode 1: “The Western Book of the Dead”

People keep telling me that if I kept watching the first season of True Detective I’d really love it. I stopped after the first two episodes, not because it was bad, but just because I couldn’t see the Alessandra Daddario nudity in the second episode as having any point other than titillation. I thought the conversations between Marty Hart and Rust Cohle were interesting, but I’m more or less done with shows about white middle aged men, the least oppressed group of people in the world who somehow seem to think that the world has wronged them. Healy in Orange Is the New Black is pretty much the caricature of this archetype, and even though he’s an antagonist, his portrayal is scarily accurate. I’m sure season one of True Detective was really good, but Emily Nussbaum’s piece in The New Yorker pretty much said everything I thought about the show, and I just read a great piece by Ryan McGee titled “All Art Was Not Made For You”True Detective was not made for me. It is for that reason that I’m considering reviewing every episode of its second season. Because I’m not a paid television critic, I’m able to choose to write about whatever I want, it’s the joy of the internet. So I’m going to try reviewing every episode of a show I don’t love.

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I actually try to predict the winners in the television categories at the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes is an important awards ceremony because it’s the first big awards show in the lead-up to the Oscars. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) also have television categories, but television is still seen as second class to film, and last year there was much ado about the fact that it took anyone who won a television award at least two minutes to reach the stage, and then they barely got to make a speech. As suggested in the title, I’m going to try and predict the winners for the television categories, because I’ve seen more television than I have film. Onto the nominees!

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I actually make serious predictions for the Drama categories in the 2014 Emmys

A couple of days ago I started writing about the Emmys with an analysis of The Good Wife‘s submission tapes, because it’s the only show I know well enough to actually be able to do that. Yesterday I predicted the Emmy winers in the miniseries and movie categories because I haven’t seen anything that’s actually been nominated. But I’ve watched at least two episodes of each of the dramas that have been nominated this year (I’ve only seen two each of True Detective and the most recent season of House of Cards), so I can at least make serious predictions for some of these and the rest of them will probably be who I want to win. Some will be a mixture of the two, and when I make a True Detective prediction, it will be based on what television critics have said about the show. Also the McConaissance.

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