Emmy nominations 2016: Dramas

The 2016 Emmy nominations were announced at 1:30am local time yesterday, and I decided that I’d sleep through it. I’m perfectly happy with that decision. I don’t really have much to say about the Emmy nominations that haven’t already been said, but as usual there are some things that are great, and some not so great. You can find the full list of nominations here (okay, it’s not the full list, it excludes the Creative Arts categories, which I’ll peruse later).

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The Good Wife Season 7, Episode 22: “End”

I only watched four episodes of The Good Wife this season, and this show blows up the status quo on a regular basis, so a lot had happened in the months I decided not to watch. I was always going to come back for the finale; as I’ve written previously, this was once my favourite show, but the finale seemed like a finale for a completely different show. This post is going to have spoilers, so consider this your only warning. I’ve thought a lot about “End” since I watched it, and I’ve read several reviews (there will be links). I really want to like it, but I don’t feel that ending was earned. I have less authority on this show than I used to, but my feelings aren’t too different to those of critics I admire.

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Whats New In Streaming This Week | @Presto @StanAustralia @NetflixANZ — DeciderTV

Whats New In Streaming This Week | @Presto @StanAustralia @NetflixANZ — DeciderTV

There’s a lot of new content on Australian streaming services this week, and if you ever wanted to check out a free trial of Presto, now’s the perfect time to do it. In addition to the first season of Empire, the show that was the rare hit and kept building its audience after its premiere, seasons four and five of The Good Wife are dropping on Presto this Sunday (coincidentally my birthday). Seasons four and five of The Good Wife include the best stretch of episodes in the series’ run, from “Red Team, Blue Team” well into season five. Also dropping on Presto this Sunday: 48 films. Yes, I counted them. Stan has an Amy Schumer stand-up special and Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure, while Netflix has two original productions in Ricky Gervais’ Special Correspondents and true crime documentary Team Foxcatcher dropping later today. The Netflix production I’m most excited about is Marseille, the first original French language show on the streaming service, all of which drops on Thursday. There’s a lot of good content this week.

How The Good Wife broke the rules for legal dramas, and then broke itself · For Our Consideration · The A.V. Club

How The Good Wife broke the rules for legal dramas, and then broke itself · For Our Consideration · The A.V. Club

The Good Wife was my favourite television drama for four or five years, and its series finale is airing in a couple of weeks after seven seasons. In its sixth season, The Good Wife went from ‘must see TV’  to ‘check The A.V. Club and I’ll watch it if the grade’s good.’ I stopped watching the final season after the fourth episode. The first five seasons weren’t without flaws (there were some dud episodes, for sure), but there was nothing like it when it was at the top of its game. So when its end was announced a couple of months ago, it was a relief that CBS wasn’t planning to stretch it out. Two years ago, cancellation was my biggest fear, because my favourite show was at the top of its game. Noel’s article highlights what made The Good Wife the ‘Great’ Wife, and the reasons for its creative success in season five became what dragged the show down in its last two seasons (plus there was a misguided election arc, and suddenly characters were making decisions that only made sense for plot reasons). It’s a great article, and Noel expresses many fans’ frustrations with the show very well. I hope to write something about the show after the series finale, but who knows. The show has changed so much this season that I don’t know if I’ll recognise it when I watch the finale. All I know is that the first five and a bit seasons of this show were dynamite, and I’m sure I’ll do a rewatch eventually, even if it’s only partial.


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The Good Wife to end after its seventh season.

The Good Wife was my favourite television drama for a number of years. The sixth season had some pretty major issues, and I’ve only seen the first four episodes of its seventh season. CBS announced the upcoming end of the show via a promo during the Super Bowl, and there’s an announcement on the CBS promo page:

tgw announcement

The Good Wife Writers’ Twitter feed has more information, including the title of the series finale. I’m really grateful that CBS allowed this show seven seasons, even though I’m no longer a regular viewer. The Good Wife wasn’t always the best show on television, but it was my favourite. The nature of television means that creators don’t always get to finish telling their story, and I’m glad The Good Wife didn’t get to the renewal past its use by date stage that How I Met Your Mother did. Shows can go on too long and at the same time not long enough. Robert and Michelle King have other shows in the pipeline with CBS, so we’ll be seeing more of them.

The Good Wife, Season 7 Episodes 2-4

This morning I caught up on the three episodes of The Good Wife‘s seventh season that have aired so far in Australia, and I was impressed. I have loved The Good Wife since the pilot and all through its highs and lows. Last season I was getting frustrated with the show, as Alicia’s election plotline made no sense, and then suddenly she wasn’t allowed to go back to the firm because Diane’s rich Republican client said he couldn’t abide by that sort of scandal. Also The Good Wife has done so many election storylines that I didn’t think there was much to mine from that, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the way Peter’s (ridiculous) Vice Presidential campaign is turning out. I’m also really enjoying Alicia scrambling through Bond Court, and the show has gone back to doing some of what it does best, depicting the underbelly of Chicago politics.

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The Good Wife, Season 7 Episode 1; Madam Secretary, Season 2 Episode 1

Both of these shows made their season premieres a couple of weeks ago in the United States, and they’re on Wednesday nights here in Australia on Ten. Because everything is on Wednesday nights, including Fargo, which starts this week. I caught up on both season premieres this afternoon, and I’ve decided to do mini reviews of each, because I have loved The Good Wife in the past, and Madam Secretary is a show I like a lot.

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