The Good Wife, Season 6 Episode 18: “Loser Edit”

In “Hitting the Fan”, the fifth episode of The Good Wife‘s fifth season, Robert and Michelle King decided to completely clear Alicia’s desk, or at least have Will do it. Since then, they have continued to change the status quo of the show, first with Will’s death, then Louis Canning taking Will’s place at Lockhart/Gardner, with Diane joining Florrick/Agos, and Cary’s arrest, trial and acquittal. Now Alicia is the Cook County State’s Attorney. All of these events have taken place within a season and a half. It’s undeniable at this stage that The Good Wife’s fifth season was its best, but the changing status quo wasn’t the reason why. It’s that at least the first status quo had believable impacts on the characters and their relationships with one another. Now Alicia, Diane and Kalinda are all off having their separate storylines, the most interesting of which this week was Kalinda’s for a change, and Cary had about two lines. Furthermore, if we hadn’t already figured out that the show was out of election storylines by the time Alicia’s campaign was over, they’ve decided to introduce yet another election fraud situation.

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Jane the Virgin, “Chapter Fifteen”

The biggest problem with Jane the Virgin‘s central love triangle is that we never saw Jane and Michael’s relationship at its best, and the audience saw Rafael, the fantasy guy, through Jane’s eyes. Some people liked Michael, but he just seemed like a jealous douchebag to me. That meant I was all aboard the Team Rafael train (also there were some purely superficial reasons for that), until last week. Rafael and Jane say they love each other, but they were in the honeymoon period of their relationship so they were so swept up in their new relationship that I doubted whether they could really know if it was love or not. This week, as Rafael proposes to Jane, we see why both Jane and Michael and Petra and Rafael were good together.

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