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Another week, another streaming guide. It’s a good week! The first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race is available, we have a new season of Orange Is the New Black, Kendrick Lamar is going to be on Power, there are new episodes of Terrace House, AND Wellington Paranormal is fantastic. I’m so curious to see Power, which I haven’t watched since the fourth season premiere (it’s good, there was just a lot happening), and how they use Kendrick Lamar. I’m also curious about Orange Is the New Black. I enjoyed the fifth season when I watched it originally, but now that there’s some distance I’m not as fond of it. Anyway, if that mix of shows isn’t your thing, there’s plenty there to keep you entertained.

Streaming Guide June 9 – June 15 | Terrace House is back!


The (original) cast of Terrace House: Aloha State

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I wrote a full season review of Orange Is the New Black, which made me wonder whether I should highlight it on the streaming guide. I don’t want to end up repeating myself, and there are surely other Netflix properties I could promote, like Terrace House. So this post is dedicated to my beloved Terrace House: Aloha State. Part 3 drops on Tuesday, and I’m not sure when I’ll have time to watch it, but I’m glad it’s there. On Stan, there are Quentin Tarantino films and your usual feast of fast-tracked content, and Amazon Prime has a limited series about the Le Mans 24 hour car race, in which they build a car and then race it (that’s what I learned yesterday, and I’m really interested in it now).

The final season of Orphan Black premieres on Sunday, which I would be more excited for if I was up to date. I’m hoping that will happen soon, but it definitely won’t be this weekend. This weekend I’ll be at Continuum Convention in Melbourne, and if you’re interested in science fiction or even general pop culture (which is more my speed), it’s definitely worth checking out. Right now I have to catch up on as much of Twin Peaks as possible before tonight’s panel.

Television Review: Orange Is the New Black, Season 5


This is from Episode 9, the best episode of the season.

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A year ago I wrote my first ever pre-air review for DeciderTV. It was the fourth season of OITNB, and I saw the first two episodes. This year, I was lucky enough to get screeners for the entire season, and this is what came of it. It took longer than I expected – how do you distil 13 hours of television into a few hundred words without spoiling anything? – but I’m proud of how it turned out. I really loved episode 9, which was a standout after some Netflix drag. I just read Alan Sepinwall’s review, which was a bit more critical than my own, even though I agree with most of his points. There was a bit of Netflix drag, especially in the middle, but episodes 9-13 were so good (9 is the best, and will probably be the subject of a spoiler review) that I was able to forgive the lag. Also if my writing is ever as half as good as Alan’s, I will be very happy.

Things I wrote in 2016

I’ve seen various writers post things they’re proud of this year, so I decided to do the same. This year I started to pitch pieces to other websites, which was scary, but I’m glad I did it. My experience working with editors has been positive, and I’m looking forward to doing more of it next year. This list of pieces is things I’ve written for the blog and other websites, roughly in chronological order.


Claire Hooper and Mel Buttle in The Great Australian Bake Off

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Emmy nominations 2016: Dramas

The 2016 Emmy nominations were announced at 1:30am local time yesterday, and I decided that I’d sleep through it. I’m perfectly happy with that decision. I don’t really have much to say about the Emmy nominations that haven’t already been said, but as usual there are some things that are great, and some not so great. You can find the full list of nominations here (okay, it’s not the full list, it excludes the Creative Arts categories, which I’ll peruse later).

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Orange Is the New Black, Season 4 Episodes 1 and 2 [SPOILERS]

I wrote a pre-air review for the fourth season of Orange Is the New Black earlier this week. Yes it’s as good as the first three seasons, and if that’s what you’re after, go here. This is a post filled with some of my favourite moments from the first 2 episodes, as well as some criticisms. All spoilers are below the break, and I’m going to find a good picture so that you can stop reading if you want to be spoiled.

OITNB_4060818_00119_R (1)

Orange Is The New Black S4. Image courtesy of Netflix.

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REVIEW: Orange Is The New Black Season 4 | @NetflixANZ @Foxtel — DeciderTV

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I wrote about new episodes of Orange Is the New Black! They’re fantastic and dark and funny and this show is still great. It took some willpower not to livetweet my favourite lines, so I’m going to be posting those on Friday. You will also get the story of how I learned I was allergic to bullants. It’s a doozy.