Television Review: Nashville, Season Two

To my great relief, there were actually 22 episodes in the second season of Nashville, so I was prepared for the cliffhanger that was nowhere near as suspenseful as the one at the end of the first season. Also, this season of Nashville was great. It’s a high drama show, and some things in it are ridiculous, but it doesn’t pretend to be anything that it’s not. Season 2 of Nashville is 1000 times better than Season 2 of True Detective. It built narrative arcs really well, and it was good to have different combinations of characters that weren’t in the first season in ways that felt organic. There were some storylines that felt superfluous, and one of them had a reason to be there, but the other one just made me mad because I could see it coming from a mile away. I’m happy when Nashville does the predictable thing if it makes sense for the story and the characters, but sometimes it seems lazy. But we’ll get to that later.

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Television Review: Nashville, Season 1

I’m slightly annoyed at Netflix for two reasons, one of which isn’t Netflix’s fault. The first, legitimate reason is that the second season of Nashville isn’t on there yet. The second reason has nothing to do with Netflix, and it’s that I just assumed that because Nashville was a network drama that there would be 22 episodes in its first season, but in actuality there are only 21. I was really confused about the montage in the first season finale because I thought it was really strange that these things were happening in the season’s penultimate episode, so upon learning it was actually the finale those events made much more sense. These complaints have nothing to do with Nashville itself, which I absolutely loved, and watched far too quickly for my own good. As I wrote last week, it has Connie Britton, music, love triangles and my favourite thing, which is lots of kissing.

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“Nashville” is exactly what I want to be watching on a Friday night.

Nashville is a primetime soap, but it’s a prime time soap done well. At least I think it is, all I know is that I love it. Of the shows that have emerged from Glee’s success (I really did love Glee at one time), Nashville is the first one I’ve actually made an effort to watch. I heard Smash was the perfect hate watch show, and I don’t think I came across a way to watch Galavant legally in Australia. Since it’s been renewed for a second season, I’m hoping it’ll show up on either Netflix or Stan soon (preferably not Presto, I don’t need three streaming services). Anyway, Nashville is the sort of show that’s just there to be enjoyed, and it’s good enough that you don’t need to feel ashamed for watching it. There are affairs, music, a mayoral campaign AND Connie Britton, aka the most amazing woman who has ever lived.

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