Fortitude, Episode 9

Dan Anderssen: The worst thing is that the killer’s in your own home.

Governor Odegard: We cannot let fear take hold

This exchange took place at the very beginning of this week’s episode of Fortitude. One of the things Stephen Moffat knew when he was writing individual episodes of Doctor Who during Russel T. Davies’ tenure as showrunner is that the scariest things aren’t the aliens out there, but angel statues that move when you’re not looking, or shadows. That’s the problem with whatever’s happening to the town of Fortitude right now. An eleven year old boy killed a grown man, and a woman killed her own mother; at this stage there is no rational explanation for these events, and that’s when fear takes hold. It’s okay to say that you cannot let fear take hold in a private conversation between the Sheriff and the Governor, but you need to find a way to communicate to the people that everything’s going to be okay.

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Fortitude, Series 1 Episode 5

For a few weeks now, Fortitude has been the viewing highlight of Sunday nights. Life on The Reef is now over (there’s a review of the fantastic docu-series coming sometime this week), and Broadchurch has pretty much become a soap. The reason Fortitude is working for me is because even though it’s a murder-mystery, the Arctic setting and the downright strange people who live in Fortitude makes it not only fun to watch, but its quirkiness sets it apart from other small town murder mystery shows. It took me a while to figure out who all the people were and their competing interests (I still can’t remember the name of Ronny’s partner who tried to sell the mammoth’s tooth to Charlie), but I’m nearly there.

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