2016 Golden Globe Predictions: Television


I’m going to miss these guys. Image courtesy of HFPA.

The Golden Globes is the first big awards ceremony to kick off the awards season when it comes to film. The problem here is that approximately 1% of the films that have been nominated have been released in Australia. Last year I used a randomiser to predict the film winners, but this year I’m going to leave my film predictions for the Oscars. There are still distribution issues with television in Australia, but it’s slowly getting better, and I think I’ve seen most of the nominated shows that I actually want to watch. It’s been a good year in television, and I like the complete unpredictability of the Hollywood Foreign Press, so every prediction I make will be worth a grain of salt.

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Television Review: Fargo, Season 2

Peggy: It’s just a flyin’ saucer, Ed. We gotta go.

I was late to the game when it came to the first season of Fargo. I can’t remember exactly why, it aired at a time I wasn’t particularly busy. I loved it from the end of the first episode though. Was it perfect? Probably not, it’s been a while since I’ve watched it. I will admit that I watched the entire season over about three days, watching four episodes the first two days and then two on the third. This year there was so much hype for Fargo, possibly because of the disappointment of True Detective‘s second season. All I know is that I didn’t connect with it the way I did in season 1, even though I know that it was a very good show. There are spoilers in this, you won’t have any other warning.

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Fargo, Chapter 2 Episode 4: “Fear and Trembling”

I’ve had a lot of trouble getting into Fargo this year, partly because SBS has chosen to air it at 8:30 on a Wednesday, aka one of the most competitive timeslots in the Australian schedule. So I’m watching it all on their catchup service, which isn’t bad, but it’s a matter of remembering to do so before the episode is pulled. Luckily I got to “Fear and Loathing” before that happened, and it’s the first episode in the second season that’s made me want to watch more. The beauty of Fargo is that it’s a slow burn, and watching it on a week-to-week basis as opposed to the binge watch I did last year when I was house sitting means that I react to it differently. That being said, the second season of Fargo has some really interesting character dynamics that are great to watch. So far the highlight has been Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst as Ed and Peggy Blumquist.

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Golden Globe reactions!

Because I live in Australia, the Golden Globes are on for half of my Monday workday, so I’ll be watching the rebroadcast on Fox8 tonight. So there was no live-blogging or tweeting, and I can’t really say much about any of Tina and Amy’s hosting because I haven’t seen it yet. I told mum I would watch the rebroadcast and she said “Even though you know who’s won.” My response was, “Of course! Tina and Amy are hosting!” This is going to be a short post today because I’m not feeling 100 percent and also because I’ll be busy watching the awards after dinner.

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I actually try to predict the winners in the television categories at the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes is an important awards ceremony because it’s the first big awards show in the lead-up to the Oscars. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) also have television categories, but television is still seen as second class to film, and last year there was much ado about the fact that it took anyone who won a television award at least two minutes to reach the stage, and then they barely got to make a speech. As suggested in the title, I’m going to try and predict the winners for the television categories, because I’ve seen more television than I have film. Onto the nominees!

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