Dead Lucky: Audience Q&A | #DeadLucky #SeriesManiaMelb @SBS

Dead Lucky 01

Rachel Griffiths and Yosong An in Dead Lucky.

One of the features of Series Mania at ACMI is that there are moderated sessions with the creators and stars of shows after their screening. I didn’t get to the Patrick Melrose Q&A because I went to an encore screening, and I ran out of my Harem screening (I left Patrick Melrose early to see this one) before the Q&A so I could get to Dead Lucky. If I’m only going to be at a festival for one afternoon, I’m going to pack in as much content as possible. ACMI recorded all of these sessions, which may appear on their podcast at a later date, but I don’t work there so all of this is guesswork. The Dead Lucky screening consisted of the premiere, followed by a Q&A featuring star Rachel Griffiths, creators and showrunners Ellie Beaumont and Drew Proffitt, and was hosted by Tara Lomax. I took notes during the session, and I’m writing them up here.

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Dead Lucky: Episode 1 #SeriesManiaMelb

Dead Lucky

One of the shows screened at ACMI as part of Series Mania was the premiere of SBS’ Dead Lucky, which premieres tonight at 9:30 on SBS and SBS OnDemand. A moderated Q&A with writers Ellie Beauchamp and Drew Proffitt was held immediately following the screening, and I’ll be posting a write-up of that session after the first episode has aired. For now, here’s a short review.

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Patrick Melrose: Episode 1 #SeriesManiaMelb


Last weekend, Melbourne’s second Series Mania festival was held at ACMI. The first screening I attended was Patrick Melrose, which premieres tonight at 8:30 on BBC First. Full disclosure: they screened two episodes, but I only saw the first one (the two episodes are quite different in tone) because I dashed across the hall to a screening of another show. The screening was booked out (a great thing about Series Mania is that most of the screenings are free) in ACMI’s smaller cinema, and I wondered if it would’ve been more appropriate to hold it in the larger one across the hall. But enough about that, you want to hear about this show starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

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Below the Surface: Episodes 1 and 2


Last weekend I attended Series Mania at ACMI, where I saw the first two episodes of Below the Surface, a Danish thriller from the people behind Borgen and The Killing. The entire series is about to premiere on SBS OnDemand as part of its Crime Time collection. A couple of notes: this is a brief review – I’ve only seen the first two episodes, and I don’t want to spoil anything, but I also don’t know if the show sticks the landing. The other is that I didn’t take note of the actors’ names, so I’ll be going by character names when I remember them. I didn’t take any notes until the Q&A with Kasper Barfoed after the show. On with the review!

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Upcoming Events: Series Mania at ACMI

lacher prise.jpg

Sophie Cadieux, who bears some resemblance to Elisabeth Moss in other stills

Thanks to the Emerging Writers Festival newsletter, I learned that ACMI is hosting Series Mania Melbourne | A Free Festival of New TV this weekend. It started today (Thursday), and ACMI is hosting a series of free screenings for upcoming shows, as well as a keynote talk with Vince Gilligan, which had sold out by the time I’d learned that the festival was even on.

A note about the screenings: You can make some educated guesses (and I have a bunch of press releases and a giant spreadsheet), but it’s not clear. Also before you get too excited, Get Krack!n by Kates McLennan and McCarthy of The Katering Show is also sold out. It will be on ABC later this year.

I’d never heard of Series Mania, but it’s a French festival that aims to be television’s answer to Cannes. It began in Paris, and is moving to Lille next year. Series Mania has been brought to Melbourne by Forum des Images, and is sponsored by ACMI and film Victoria, as reported by Variety. It’s the first time Series Mania has been to another country, and I hope it continues to both expand and return to Melbourne.

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