Whodunnit?, Episode 3: Ka-Boom

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Welcome back to my Whodunnit? coverage. I’m covering one episode of this mystery reality show per week as a writing exercise, with some analysis and sleuthing of my own. You can find Episode 3 here, and my friends Regan and Liam are covering the show over on their podcast. Once again, I’ll leave the premise up to the killer, before we get into episode specifics:

Dear Mortals,

You’ve all been personally selected to play my diabolical game of life and death. Your job: stay alive long enough to discover who I am. You can only do that by being the best at solving the crimes I put before you. Fail, and you may be the next to die.. here are the rules. Following each murder, I will offer you the opportunity to investigate one and only one of the following areas: the crime scene, the victim’s last known whereabouts, or… the morgue, where you can examine the corpse in a more private setting. Take a moment to decide which of the three areas you wish to investigate. Give careful consideration to your choice. Take a look around. The killer, I’m afraid, is among us.

NOTE: Do not check out that Twitter account if you don’t want to be spoiled, I’m not linking to it. I spoiled myself for the show. A couple of weeks ago I found out who won, and I just found out who the killer is, so from now on the mystery envelope will be all about the setup. I’m still interested in how the show is structured, especially in regards to how the other contestants identify the killer, so we’ll see how that goes.

The Body

While Adrianna was eating her cereal, she spotted a golf buggy outside and attempted to make her escape. While she was driving away from the mansion (in her pyjamas), the vehicle exploded. I wrote last week that it blew up when she turned it on, but that wasn’t right. I got a really great GIF of the cereal bowl, but here is the explosion in all its glory.


The chryon tells us that Ronnie, Cris, Dana and Ulysses picked Adrianna as the killer. Ulysses was spared for getting most of the crime correct for last week, so it’s good to see that he’s gotten something wrong. As everyone gathers out by the pool, and Dana takes a while to get there. When she arrives, Giles announces that Adrianna has been killed, and he’s putting the entire mansion on lockdown. Sure, it’s on lockdown NOW, after someone was killed trying to escape. Even though this show isn’t real, the guests would be less keen to escape after Adrianna died trying to escape. Giles tells everyone to lock the doors NOW, which probably isn’t a good idea while they’re all outside the mansion.

As usual, the contestants have a choice between visiting the crime scene, the morgue and the victim’s last known whereabouts. Except this time it’s impossible to bring the body to the morgue, so they’re going to have to examine the body where it is currently: splayed on a tree branch.

Kam, Ulysses, Kris and Lindsey have split off from the rest of the group to arrange their where they’ll go, we see some discussion from the other group. Ronnie’s decided to target that alliance to gain the trust of the others, which is refreshing. It’s good to see that someone else is playing the game.

The Crime Scene

Kam, Ronnie and Geno go to the crime scene, which is more difficult to analyse than in previous episodes. Parts of the golf cart are still on fire and there’s debrit everywhere, making it ‘almost impossible’ to figure out what might be a clue. The immediately notice a branch that was purposely placed across the driveway, so Adrianna would drive around it. The explosion was detonated on the lawn rather than the driveway. They find that the plastic lining under the seat of the cart has been removed, and the bomb was placed under the seat. The guests are wondering if perhaps Adrianna ran over the trigger when Ronnie finds a CCTV camera which has been damaged by the explosion. The killer could have been watching for Adrianna and marked a spot on the lawn to detonate the bomb, but then why would they have placed a branch over the driveway? If you have a visual it doesn’t matter whether the cart was on the lawn or the driveway.

Last Known Whereabouts: The Breakfast Nook

Dana, Sasha, Cris and Lindsey go to Adrianna’s last known whereabouts, where she was eating that fateful bowl of cereal:

cereal bowl

So far the only thing out of place is the cereal bowl, but the television was on as well. Cris supposes that something must have come on the television to make Adrianna leave the room. CCTV footage of somewhere in the house shows up, followed by a message:


The guests start searching the room again, only to find some shoe prints on one of the many doors leading to the breakfast nook. All of the doors except for the one leading directly outside were locked, forcing Adrianna to use a specific door. They go around to the other entrances to the room and find that the door handles have been zip tied.

The (makeshift) Morgue: Up a Tree

Don, Ulysses and Melina go to the morgue, which is the spot outside where Adrianna has landed… up a tree. The first thing they find is a remote control in Adrianna’s hand, which could have been the detonator. If it is in fact the trigger, Adrianna must have assumed it would open the gate to Rue Manor, which is why she would have pushed it. That still doesn’t explain the branch or the CCTV schedule. At least one of these three things is Red Herring Central. Based on the burn marks, Don deduces that the bomb would have been close to Adrianna’s feet. Don and Melina spot something and immediately keep it from Ulysses, the smug bastard. We’re getting to some more Survivor-esque tactics, and I’m here for it.

Sharing Evidence

The game isn’t even bothering with the pretense of feeding the contestants while they share information. At this stage Cris, Kam, Ulysses and Lindsey go into one bedroom to share their information, while everyone else has agreed to team up against them. Ronnie’s the leader of this group and one of my favourite players at the moment. Ronnie, Melina and Lindsey have an agreement to watch each other’s backs, even though Lindsey is in with Kam and Ulysses. Lindsey’s aware that she’s on the bottom of that particular alliance, and is willing to be seen talking to Melina in public so that the others wonder whether or not they can trust her. Cris comes over to spy on them, so Ronnie’s plan is working.

The Riddle

This is possibly the best thing ever. Giles comes into the room holding a bomb-shaped plastic container (complete with fuse), and says “The killer has left an important message for you.” Inside are golf balls, one for each of the contestants, and the riddle, which reads:

You covered your ears, you closed your eyes,
What you thought was a bomb was death in disguise.
Reach inside and have a ball,
Get a clue, mortals! But that’s not all.

This one’s a little more cryptic than last week’s. The contestants each take a golf ball, and Melina’s has “13 Steps” written on it – I assume they’re all the same. Her instinct is to follow Don, even though Don admits that he’s not good at riddles – he didn’t get either of the last two. I guess Rue Manor has a golf course, so that’s where I’d go, maybe to the 13th hole. The riddle hints that perhaps the weapon wasn’t a bomb but some other sort of explosive – ‘death in disguise’. Now it’s time to see where the contestants go.

After getting their golf balls, the contestants see black and white television monitors all over the mansion. Ronnie surmises that the 13 steps could be the stairs that take him to the monitors, but he doesn’t know. They immediately start looking in the video slot for tapes. Kam is counting steps in staircases, and Don is sticking to the team plan and shadowing Kam. Sasha’s mind immediately goes to the breakfast nook, and how Adrianna was forced outside – there were steps down to the pool. Cris was there with Sasha, but enough people caught onto where they were going. It’s hard to be subtle while there are so many people. Standing there is a golf cart, which has another riddle attached:

A click of a button did kill our guest,
Yet I still have one request.
Look for surveillance tapes in an outside bin,
But don’t “get played” by the clue within.

There’s a bin (trash can in the American parlance) full of surveillance tapes, but there’s no guarantee that the one they take will have the correct information. Most of the tapes come up with “TRY AGAIN,” so people are running outside to get more tapes. Cris is looking for something with the Rue Manor crest, while Ronnie realises that the clue is literally inside the tape, so good job with the Red Herring!

It’s hot because heat rises,
It’s empty because of small sizes.
Find where I hide, tee hee hee,
It’s all black and white. Click and see.

The words that people latch onto are ‘heat rises’. For Kam’s team this means a chimney, while Ronnie thinks of hot air balloons. Both teams go up to the bedrooms – Kam’s for a chimney, Ronnie’s for a picture of balloons in Don’s room. Meanwhile, Adrianna is still at the monitors trying tapes. Ronnie thinks of small spaces, and he runs up the stairs with Melina, Sasha and Lindsey. As soon as Ronnie enters the attic, the bell goes off, which means he solved the riddle. Ronnie’s alone in the attic with another TV monitor, which instructs him to press the bomb button on the remote. As soon as he hits the button, Adrianna’s cart blows up. Ronnie’s the only one that knows, and needs to figure out how to use this information.

The first thing he does is go to Geno who can help him put the information together. They start drawing in the dirt, and it’s somehow the most charming thing that’s happened in the show so far. He’s worried that the others will think he’s holding out on them, but he just needs to put the pieces together first (#TeamRonnieandGeno). Melina and Lindsey are watching Ronnie and Geno through the window and try to figure out what happened, with Melina saying “It’s like playing charades.”

Meanwhile, Team smug bastards are off in their own corner trying to figure out if they can trust Lindsey. Outside, Ronnie is telling Lindsey that he’ll escort her to her room and give her the information at the last minute so she can’t tell the others. Various people in the team have different opinions on whether Lindsey can be trusted. Meanwhile Kam has a theory that makes sense: Adrianna presses the clicker, which doesn’t do anything, except turn the camera on, which allows the killer to see Adrianna and use the other remote to detonate the bomb.

Lindsey’s not gaining anyone’s trust by going back and forth between the two groups. Cris is suspicious, and Sasha tells Lindsey she needs to make a decision. I love the politics!

Mystery Envelope

The Crime: Well I know who the killer is, so that part isn’t happening any more. Furthermore, I don’t think this clue actually adds much that I couldn’t have guessed before the riddles. Adrianna was shown a message to drive off the property and was forced outside, finding a golf cart. She turned on the cart and began driving, and when she reached the spot visible to the CCTV camera, the killer detonated the bomb. The branch across the driveway only seemed necessary as far as placing the cart in the middle of the CCTV lens, but Adrianna would have been visible if she was still on the driveway. Furthermore, those cameras can swivel, it seems a bit much.

The Killer: This isn’t a real guess and you can make of this what you will (especially considering the information is already out there), but I love the way Ronnie said “I pressed the button, and Adrianna gets whacked.”

The Pitch

It’s time for everyone to pitch their version of the crime, of which I know the broad strokes, having watched everyone try to solve it. The people accused are: Geno, Kam (they still suspect each other), Ulysses and Cris. Ulysses got one vote, while the others got three each.


It’s dinner time, which means it’s time for people to possibly share what they know before they’re told whether they have been spared or should be scared. Tonight’s dinner is some sort of stir fry, which looks delicious – the killer later tells us through Giles that it’s fajitas. Still delicious. Ronnie tells everyone that he saw Adrianna die, and they all look a bit surprised. He described the expression on her face and said “then [clap] she was gone” – and he was smiling. If Ronnie’s trying to convince people that he’s the killer, he’s doing a good job. Sasha and Dana are slightly annoyed at Ronnie for not telling them that he saw the video – all he told them was that the remote control was the detonator. I’m with Ronnie on this one, that information wasn’t particularly crucial. Kam calls Sasha a brat and tells her she should be thanking Ronnie, and while I can see where he’s coming from, I am definitely not on Team Kam.

Whodunnit scared spared

Then it’s time for Giles, who is my favourite person on the show. To everyone’s surprise, Lindsey got the most correct about the crime this week. Maybe her engineering background was helpful in figuring out the crime. She’s also smart enough to know that this means everyone hates her because no one really trusts her at this point. She says she’d much rather just have a regular Spared card. Giles then recounts the crime. The key points:

  • Adrianna stayed up all night watching reality TV. Good choice, since she’s on a reality show.
  • She saw the killer’s message, dropped her cereal bowl, and tried to escape the breakfast nook.
  • The 13 steps led Adrianna to the golf cart, where the bomb was planted.
  • She stopped the cart to try and open the gates with the golf cart clicker, while the killer watched on the surveillance camera and blew up the cart.

Once again, the riddle didn’t really give much information that couldn’t have been figured out otherwise, and Kam did a pretty good job. Onto the cards!

Spared: Ulysses, Melina, Geno, Ronnie, Sasha and Kam

Scared: Don, Cris and Dana

After all of that, Giles tells everyone that there will be a formal breakfast in the morning. Don and Dana are both freaking out about what could have murdered them. Dana just wants to die in her sleep from carbon monoxide poisoning, while Don is jumping at every sound he hears. Then, at breakfast… Dana arrives after everyone else, which probably means that Don’s dead. But he’s not! He walks into the dining room and everyone hugs him. Something is definitely poisoned, and I’m betting it’ll be Dana or Cris’s food – Don was the red herring for this part of the episode. Giles comes in to tell them that their morning meal is steak and eggs. Don’s steak isn’t even cooked, and he’s told to go into the kitchen if he’d like it more well done. As he gets to the stove, a cupboard door slides out revealing a BIG CAT (lion? I’m not sure what kind), and we hear Don being mauled. Everyone else screams. Onto next week!

Case files:

  • There’s not much for this week, except that when I spoiled myself on the killer’s identity that cereal bowl gif was quite useful. It’s also a lot of fun knowing who the killer is.
  • The next time on has Giles shoot the mountain lion, hopefully with a tranquiliser gun. I can’t imagine that they would have been allowed to kill an animal.
  • I was in Sydney over the weekend, so it took me a little longer to write this one up. Hopefully I’ll be back to a Sunday/Monday schedule next week. I have a podcast to listen to.

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