Upcoming Events: Series Mania at ACMI

lacher prise.jpg

Sophie Cadieux, who bears some resemblance to Elisabeth Moss in other stills

Thanks to the Emerging Writers Festival newsletter, I learned that ACMI is hosting Series Mania Melbourne | A Free Festival of New TV this weekend. It started today (Thursday), and ACMI is hosting a series of free screenings for upcoming shows, as well as a keynote talk with Vince Gilligan, which had sold out by the time I’d learned that the festival was even on.

A note about the screenings: You can make some educated guesses (and I have a bunch of press releases and a giant spreadsheet), but it’s not clear. Also before you get too excited, Get Krack!n by Kates McLennan and McCarthy of The Katering Show is also sold out. It will be on ABC later this year.

I’d never heard of Series Mania, but it’s a French festival that aims to be television’s answer to Cannes. It began in Paris, and is moving to Lille next year. Series Mania has been brought to Melbourne by Forum des Images, and is sponsored by ACMI and film Victoria, as reported by Variety. It’s the first time Series Mania has been to another country, and I hope it continues to both expand and return to Melbourne.

This is one of two television-related events I’m going to in July, and some of these screenings relate to the streaming guide I’ve put together for Decider TV this week (link to the guide will be in a separate post). Netflix’s Ozark drops Friday, and the first two episodes are screening on Friday night at 8:30 with an introduction. I had screeners for this one but I forgot to watch it.

The second Friday screening is for Starz’ The White Princess, a sequel to The White Queen, which drops on Stan this Saturday. ACMI is screening the first episode, followed by a Q&A with Essie Davis, who I didn’t know was in the cast until I looked at the event just now, and I’m a little annoyed I won’t be able to make it.

Below the Surface is coming to SBS OnDemand next Thursday, and there’s a screening of the first two episodes with an introduction on Sunday evening. It’s a hostage drama that was written by the creators of Borgen and The Killing, so I am going.

I am going to three screenings:

  • The aforementioned Below the Surface
  • The Good Fight – the first two episodes and an introduction – which will air on SBS beginning in August. This one shouldn’t really be a surprise, The Good Wife was my favourite show for a long time.
  • The Edge of the Bush – an ABC show that will premiere later this year, written by and starring Anne Edmonds. I was going to go to this at another event next week, but this one was free. They’re showing all five episodes (each running at 12 minutes), followed by a Q&A.

The screening I’m most intrigued by but won’t be able to make is for a (Quebeçoise) Canadian comedy titled Freefall on Saturday afternoon. It was difficult to find anything online, but I’ve just Googled star Sophie Cadieux and have discovered that all the information about the show is in French, with the title Lâcher prise (I knew based on the cast that it was French Canadian, but it didn’t occur to me that the title would be in French). I look forward to eventually seeing it when it comes to television or streaming, probably on SBS. Who knows, I could end up seeing it at the other event I’m going to next week. More on that later.


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