Streaming Guide June 2 – June 8

via What’s New In Streaming For The Next Seven Days — DeciderTV

Now that the Emmys consideration deadline has passed, Netflix’s first original show for June is… Flaked. I had no idea that the second season was close because I didn’t get any screeners, and I couldn’t find a single pre-air review when I was writing the guide up yesterday. I’ll be interested to see what kind of coverage it gets over the weekend. In other Netflix news, they’ve started to cancel some shows, so the next few weeks and months should be interesting. Since Netflix don’t release viewership numbers, we have no idea how these decisions are made.

Overall it’s a pretty quiet week in streaming, which is a relief. I’m behind on most of my shows. I think the only one I’m caught up on at this point is iZombie, which is so much fun. Twin Peaks is at the top of the list (I don’t think I’ve watched any since last week, which is how far behind I am), with everything else jostling for second place.


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