Streaming Guide May 5 – May 11

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I don’t watch Sense8 (Sens8?), so this is the last week before Netflix completely takes over the Northern Hemisphere summer. The first season of Patriot drops on Prime Video for Australia today, and I’ve heard really good things about it, so I might check that one out. Now that we’re in May, it’s time for season finales including The Last Kingdom, Billions, The Circus and Underground. This means that I will finally catch up on Underground, as well as Designated Survivor, which has a double-episode finale in two weeks. It’s a relatively quiet week in streaming, and I’m perfectly happy with that. Happy watching!

Wildcard pick of the week:

Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie. I have no idea what this will be like, or if it’s any good, but as soon as I saw that Netflix was putting out a mystery movie, I went to tell my friends Regan and Liam, who might watch it for their podcast if we’re lucky. Right now they’re covering Canadian hockey/PI show Private Eye, which I’ve never watched but has a catchy theme song.