Streaming Guide March 31 – April 6: iZombie! Riverdale! Terrace House!

via What’s New In Streaming For The Next Seven Days — DeciderTV

April begins tomorrow which means that the streaming services drop a minimum of eight titles each. When I was writing these up last year, the majority of Presto’s titles dropped on the first of the month. I got to make iZombie my top pick for the week, and I’ll see if I can include it again when Jason Dohring joins the show in Episode 8. I’ll need to at least watch the last three episodes of season 2 so I can remember what happened, other than Liv trying to get brains to Major while he was in jail, which involved Ken Marino as Major’s lawyer. Also there was the Rob Thomas joke that made sense to the show’s core audience and maybe a few Matchbox Twenty fans out there. Also I really love this poster.


She’s already dead.

Part 2 of Terrace House: Aloha State drops Tuesday night, so we’ll finally know why Naomi announced that she was leaving at the end of Episode 8. I’m enjoying Aloha State, but I think I prefer the version of the show that’s set in Japan, so I can look at all the food they’re eating.

In Netflix Originals, there’s 13 Reasons Why and Five Came Back13 Reasons Why has good reviews, so I’m looking forward to it. I had some misgivings when I read the synopsis, which I’ll hopefully write up in a full review of the show. Five Came Back is a docuseries based on a book by New York critic Mark Harris, who I follow on Twitter. He made a recent appearance on Gen Pop (Join the Patreon), and it sounds great. Meryl Streep is narrating, so she will probably be nominated for the Voice Over Emmy this year. I’m still annoyed Anthony Mendez hasn’t won it yet.


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