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Is this Bob Benson? (Update: Yes it is) The Billions stills are delightful.

Amazon is starting to roll out its Original Programming for Australians, and this week is the Billy Bob Thornton vehicle Goliath. February has been a relatively quiet month in streaming, but it’s started to pick up again. Stan’s dropping up to four titles a day, and Netflix has started releasing everything on either Tuesday or Friday, so those days are particularly packed. From what I can tell, Netflix is dropping at least one standup special a week – and this week’s comedian is Trevor Noah! The most important thing is that Billions is back, so the Billions podcast will be back to take on Fighting in the War Room. It’s my favourite podcast rivalry.


Fighting in the Billions room.

Riverdale, Season 1 Episode 3: “Body Double”

Veronica: Football players behaving badly? What else is new – Steubenville, Glenridge. The coach’s son being the ringleader? Just how depraved is this town?

In its third episode, Riverdale elevates from solid teen/mystery drama to must-watch. I’m not familiar with the characters of Archie comics, but the buzz surrounding Riverdale (as well as the teen drama meets Twin Peaks promotion) convinced me to check it out. Netflix has a new deal with The CW that grants them first-run rights outside the US and the rights to promote it as a Netflix Original, so it’s also one of the most accessible shows on ‘television’ right now. Riverdale began with the disappearance of Jason Blossom – football star, beloved twin, and some other nefarious things – and everyone in Riverdale was wondering just what happened. Jason dated Polly Cooper, and the nasty breakup increased the tension between their sisters Cheryl and Betty. “Body Double” sees Betty and Cheryl coming to an understanding, but what they learned to get to that place changed both of them.


Unlikely allies.

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Streaming Guide February 10-February 16 | DeciderTV

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In some ways this was an easy streaming guide to write, in others, not so much. I like that there were four different streaming platforms dropping new content this week, and it was easy to balance it out with one title per platform. It was easy for Foxtel and Amazon, because they had one title each. As for Netflix, Girlfriend’s Day sounds like a perfectly bizarre film to watch on Valentine’s Day. It was going to be Downton Abbey, but a Bob Odenkirk vehicle about a world where greeting card writers are celebrities is a more cynical version of Her. The thing I’m most excited about is Fleabag, which may finally be the thing that pushes me into buying a Prime account.

On the note of fast-tracked content, Girls starts next week on Foxtel Play/Go, and it’ll be interesting to see where the final season ends up. It’s a show that was very important to me in its first season, but came less relatable as it went on. I’ve enjoyed The CW’s Riverdale, which is on Netflix outside the US, and there will be a new episode going up sometime tonight. I remember being very impatient last week. Yesterday I also checked out Imposters on Stan, which is a fun show that very much knows how to use Parker Young. Until next time!

Fun fact: Alex Karpovsky of Girls fame – Old man Ray – is also in Girlfriend’s Day.