UnREAL, Season 2 Episode 3: “Guerilla”

Coleman: Good God, she’s good. And the two of you together are terrifying… Remind me never to get on your bad side.

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Michael Rady and Shiri Appleby. Image courtesy of Lifetime Entertainmennt.

In the first season of UnREAL, we were simultaneously in awe and terrified of just how Rachel and Quinn are good at their jobs. Thanks to Chet, the fourteenth season of Everlasting was off to a rocky start, but even the network’s golden child Coleman Wasserman is aware that his version of the show is a terrible idea. He’s just waiting for Chet to screw up so Rachel and Quinn can save the day. After all, Chet’s friends with Gary. It’s the way things work. Coleman has no experience making reality television, he makes documentaries with important subject matter, like refugees. The networks had a bidding war over him, and now he’s producing Everlasting. But more on Coleman later.

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My podcast debut!

I finally finished watching Lost a couple of weeks ago. A week before that I asked Regan Lloyd and Liam Smith if I could be on the Lost focused episode of their podcast, and they said yes! I’ve been in contact with Liam and Regan since about February or March when I found their podcast through the Late Nite Films twitter account. Late Nite Films is the production company behind The Wizards of Aus, and the day after I wrote my review of that show is still the best day for this blog in terms of views. So I downloaded the latest episode of a  podcast called Teaves, which I presumed meant tea and television (I was correct). Each week Liam and Regan watch and review one episode of television. Most of the time this is a pilot or premiere, sometimes it’s based on a theme; Valentine’s Day was “Cooler” from season two of New Girl, featuring the Nick and Jess kiss. It’s  good fun.

Anyway, I was on the Lost episode of Teaves, and I was incredibly nervous. I had no reason to be because Liam and Regan are lovely people, and I’d like to thank them again for having me on. I have no idea if Regan heard me yelp somewhere in the second half of the podcast when I accidentally closed the Skype call during editing. If you’d like to listen, it was released today! I don’t know if I’ll write an entire post about the Lost finale, but I’ll be linking to some of the pieces that really sat with me after the season finale. The one thing I wanted to make sure of was that I linked to this book by Alan Sepinwall, which is a fantastic resource for television fans. I have the first edition, the second edition was released last year after Mad Men and Breaking Bad had completed their runs. Alan Sepinwall has just finished writing a second book with critic Matt Zoller Seitz (author of this Mad Men book), which I have pre-ordered. Look for the rest of the links and some of my thoughts in an upcoming post.

Orange Is the New Black, Season 4 Episodes 1 and 2 [SPOILERS]

I wrote a pre-air review for the fourth season of Orange Is the New Black earlier this week. Yes it’s as good as the first three seasons, and if that’s what you’re after, go here. This is a post filled with some of my favourite moments from the first 2 episodes, as well as some criticisms. All spoilers are below the break, and I’m going to find a good picture so that you can stop reading if you want to be spoiled.

OITNB_4060818_00119_R (1)

Orange Is The New Black S4. Image courtesy of Netflix.

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REVIEW: Orange Is The New Black Season 4 | @NetflixANZ @Foxtel — DeciderTV

via REVIEW: Orange Is The New Black Season 4 | @NetflixANZ @Foxtel — DeciderTV

I wrote about new episodes of Orange Is the New Black! They’re fantastic and dark and funny and this show is still great. It took some willpower not to livetweet my favourite lines, so I’m going to be posting those on Friday. You will also get the story of how I learned I was allergic to bullants. It’s a doozy.

#BlackThorn. It’s going to be a thing. Maybe.

One of my  favourite Game of Thrones podcasts is A Storm of Spoilers. It was originally for book readers and people who didn’t mind being spoiled, but now that most of the show’s storylines have surpassed the books, it includes production spoilers, which some people don’t like. One of my favourite parts of the podcast is the wild speculation and crackpot theories which are bandied about, and this week I came up with one of my own. I like to call it #BlackThorn.

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UnREAL, Season 2 Episode 1: “War”

Rachel Quinn

Constance Zimmer and Shiri Appleby. Image courtesy of Lifetime Entertainment.

Rachel: I’m making history.

Rachel Goldberg is now the showrunner of Everlasting, and before they’ve even started filming, her colleagues and the audience can tell she’s out of her depth. In season 13, Rachel was the Comeback Kid, and with Quinn she produced a fantastic season of television. Now that Chet’s (briefly) out of the picture, Quinn and Rachel are both promoted, which led to my favourite line in the episode:

“I’m Chet, you’re Quinn. I say crazy shit, you make it happen”

The line that’s more telling however, is Rachel’s insistence that she’s making history. In the first season we saw Rachel struggle with the fact that she’s morally compromised, but at the end of the season she had no trouble ruining Adam’s life after he dumped her. Nine months later, all of Rachel’s scruples appear to be gone, and it’s scaring people.

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