Some upcoming changes.

This post is hard to write, but after something that happened yesterday, it’s something I have to do. Before I say anything else, I’d like to thank everyone for reading and sharing what I’ve written, it’s reassuring to know that my work has resonated with people. I’ve put a lot of work into this blog, and that work has led to some opportunities, and I hope it leads to more.

This blog is a labour of love, and I’ve met some great people as a result of my writing. I’m happy for people to share my work on social media (it’s why I have the sharing buttons), but some time in the next week I’m going to be putting a copyright notice on my blog, because this happened:

This tweet makes absolutely no sense. There is some sort of newspaper generator that allows people to create online newspapers made of other people’s work. I’ve gotten a couple of these in the past, but there’s always been a link to the website and the website will link back to my work. I spent some time last night on the UiTV website trying to find which story I ‘wrote’ for them, and I couldn’t. That’s not the point though. As far as I can tell, this website makes money off of advertising, and it republished my work without my permission for free. I wrote it for free, but that’s because I wanted to, and I was never asked for permission to republish.

This is why I’ve put a copyright notice in the sidebar. Feel free to share on social media, and by all means reblog on WordPress, that is absolutely fine. After looking at WordPress’ guide to preventing content theft, I realised that this blog still doesn’t have a real title. “Insert title here” was only ever meant to be temporary, and it’s been there for over two years now. The floor is open to suggestions, so please add them in the comments or contact me on social media.


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