Television Review: The Katering Show, Season 2

My sister was tweeting about MasterChef Australia and Food Dreams (©MasterChef Australia) earlier this week, and I sent her a link to The Katering Show on iview. Her response was simply,

…. what IS this?

I responded that it’s a comedy show that’s sort of about food, and that’s all you really need to know about The Katering Show, except for the fact that it’s great. If you can give me a one sentence description of The Katering Show that’s better than that, I’ll be very grateful. The Katering Show follows comedians Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney. McLennan is an ‘intolerable foodie’ and McCartney is intolerant of many foods, and she doesn’t care about cooking. At all. Most of the show’s humour is derived from the odd couple chemistry between the two, and its great. In Australia, you can watch both seasons of The Katering Show on iview, and if you’re not Australian, the first season is on YouTube, as is this ‘apology video’ regarding the geoblock on season two.

I’d heard about The Katering Show at various points, but I didn’t get around to watching the first season until a couple of weeks ago, because I knew the second would be available soon. I had however taken the ‘Are you a psychopath?‘ quiz. I was watching this gem of a webseries that somehow both celebrates and sends up foodie culture – especially the fads/cults out there. Among the first season’s best episodes are ‘We Quit Sugar’ and ‘Thermomix’. The second season is very much in the spirit of the first, with ‘The Body Issue’ covering new diets/torture regimes. McLennan goes Paleo, McCartney does the raw food diet, and McCartney’s cat Beans takes on the 5:2 diet. It’s great. Another highlight is ‘Tying the Not,’ which is mainly about how terrible weddings are.

The Katering Show moved to iview because it would have been too expensive if the Kates had just released it on YouTube again. Luckily the move to a different platform hasn’t changed what makes the show great: the humour derived from these two women and their differences in personality. I love McCartney’s sarcastic disinterest, which is almost entirely due to the fact that she doesn’t care about food, and McLennan’s enthusiasm for food, which almost always results in her making something McCartney can’t eat. It’s also great to see the roles reversed in the tag of the final episode. No spoilers here, just go and watch it.

Other thoughts:

  • Since the second season dropped last week, there have been short promos on the ABC in between programs, and my parents particularly enjoyed the one for ‘Yummy Mummy’ – I might get them to watch this show.
  • In ABC’s upcoming Comedy Showroom, one of the pilots is written by McLennan and McCartney, and stars McLennan. It’s called Bleak. You can see it on the ABC at 9pm on Wednesday May 25, or it will be up on iview at 9:30pm this coming Wednesday.

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