iView Exclusives: When I Get A Minute

One of the best things about the ABC is its embrace of digital platforms, which has led to some great experimentation on how television series are delivered. Last year the whole first season of Glitch was released on iView while a new episode aired on Thursday nights, and they’re doing the same this year with Luke Warm Sex. All of Sammy J and Randy was released on iView a month before it was broadcast on the main channel. In 2016, we’ve already had two iView exclusives DAFUQ and When I Get A Minute, and the second season of The Katering Show is premiering on iView on April 15. I’ve spent my Sunday afternoon watching webseries on iView. I had the brilliant idea of watching them after I locked myself out of the house I’m staying at this morning (it’s a good thing we gained an hour with the end of daylight savings, so I had one I could lose). It’s free data day, so I could download the app and stream as much Media Content as I liked. Except my phone didn’t want to download the app, so the whole idea was bust. So, once I’d finally gotten inside and been to the shops to get milk, I sat down to catch up on When I Get A Minute.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales’ podcast Chat 10 Looks 3 (I’m going to see them at the Wheeler Centre next Saturday), so I was delighted when the ABC announced they were launching a webseries based on the podcasts. If you’re a long-time podcast listener, there is some repetition, but there are also inside jokes. Unfortunately interruptions are not one of those jokes. I remember where I was when I heard Leigh mention Alec Baldwin’s conversation with Lena Dunham about a year ago, and I’m fairly sure that was the same episode in which she was very excited about the viral marketing campaign for Zoolander 2. In the most recent episode, Annabel finally makes Leigh see some modern art, and one of the sculptures was Leigh’s ideal bookcase: perfectly tidy. The episode in which Leigh describes her rules about keeping books and regifting them is one of the best in the series after confessing that she had already regifted the book Annabel bought her for Christmas just months ago.

When I Get A Minute is a delightful look into this odd couple as they eat and talk about food and culture. Leigh Sales is a gin martini, and Annabel Crabb is a brightly coloured fruity cocktail. They talk about books I don’t think I want to read, like memoirs from political staffers, and make them sound like the most fascinating books in the world.  The West Wing was my favourite show for a year, so it makes sense I’d like something like this. I gave up on House of Cards after the second episode of season two, but Leigh’s insights into the use of lamp imagery almost makes me want to watch it again. Or I could just go and watch the original. Also the second season of Scandal is one of the best seasons of television in the last few years, and this article by Ryan McGee is the reason I started watching it in the first place. I am however, very intrigued by the article in The Atlantic about Veep, House of Cards and shoes. I always come out of these conversations with a list of books to read and a desire to bake some sweet treats. This delightful webseries is firmly in my wheelhouse.


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