Set your faces to Stan! ‘Star Trek’ and more hits streaming this March – CNET


Best Picture winner in our hearts. Image courtesy of Warner Bros.

Source: Set your faces to Stan! ‘Star Trek’ and more hits streaming this March – CNET

CNet is one of my favourite sites purely because they provide us with the information on what’s happening with Australian streaming services. So they’re great, but March’s streaming highlight isn’t every episode of Star Trek, but the ability to watch Mad Max: Fury Road as of March 2nd, also on Stan. It probably won’t win Best Picture at the Oscars tomorrow, but its nomination is a credit to just how great it is. And I’m not even a fan of action movies. I’ll go through highlights of all the services below.

Stan has a few things happening this month – the aforementioned Star Trek and Mad Max, as well as some things that are dropping as part of its deal with the CBS corporation and Showtime, including the first season of Penny Dreadful, which never pretends to be anything other than what it is. We also get the first season of Under the Dome, but from what I heard, everything was downhill after the dome bisected that cow. There’s The CW’s Ringer, which had everyone excited about Sarah Michelle Gellar playing twins until it was cancelled and Tatiana Maslany came into our hearts on Orphan Black. There are continuing additions of Comedy Central shows including Key & Peele, Kroll Show and Review. In Australian television we have the show upon which Review is based in Review with Myles Barlow as well as my favourite Australian show of all time, SeaChange.

Netflix: Hey over a year after it was broadcast on Foxtel, we’re finally getting the fourth season of Suits on March 24, which will of course be overshadowed by Toy Story (as it should be). Netflix is increasing the amount of original programs this year, and in March we have two returning shows. House of Cards is not good, and you can watch the (far superior) original trilogy on Netflix, but we also have the return of Daredevil, the show that led to half of my review being about gentrification.

Presto: I don’t actually know anyone who has Presto. Previous Best Picture winner Argo drops on March 6. Other film highlights include Ex Machina on March 12 and Ricki and the Flash on March 24. In television, there are a few interesting shows. Subscribers will have access to the first season of Strike Back (great), the second season of Halt and Catch Fire, and the first season of HBO’s Looking.


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