iZombie, Season 2 Episode 12: “Physician, Heal Thy Selfie”

Wow, I got pretty slack towards the end of this week. Wednesday-Friday is the busiest part of my week, so that’s usually the period during which I don’t write anything. I meant to publish this yesterday, but it’s here now! I need to figure out a new publishing schedule, too. Everything is tying up nicely in the second season of iZombie, and “Physician, Heal Thy Selfie” still manages to have fun. This week Liv doesn’t get any psychic visions, because our corpses have been decapitated, so she can’t eat their brains. Luckily Ravi has some extra dead bodies lying around, and Liv eats the brain of a woman who was hit by a bus while posting something on social media. Elsewhere, both Blaine and Major appear to be in trouble with organised and corporate crime.

“Physician, Heal Thy Selfie” picks up immediately where last week’s episode left off, as Liv realises that she had no idea who Drake actually is. After she eats the brains of a social media maven, she wonders why he’s not on social media. Drake notices that she’s too busy to answer his calls but not to unbox medical supplies on her new YouTube channel, which is my favourite part of Liv’s social media thing. Liv works at the police station, so she finds out that he did 22 months in prison for assault. It all works out, and Drake even takes Liv to see his mum. Unfortunately Don E comes to Liv’s house to get Drake for something, and Liv has a flashback which leads her to realising Blaine is the new player in town for utopium.

Okay, now that the boring stuff is out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff. In addition to three headless corpses, one of whom is Stacey Boss’ nephew, the DA is missing. I can’t remember the DA’s name, but his house was trashed to make it look like a Chaos Killer job, only Major swore to Vaughn that the DA wasn’t a zombie. For most of the season I’ve wondered why Major hasn’t told Liv, Ravi or Peyton what he was really doing for Maxx Rager, but now I get it. Major is more aware than even I was of what Vaughn du Clarke is capable of doing. It’s a good thing he planted that bug on his fitbit the other week. We’ve seen Vaughn murder and pretend to murder people with the starving zombies in his lab, so it’s not that much of a stretch to imagine that he would kill twitter trolls via traffic accidents (although it’s pretty extreme for the CEO of an energy drink company).  Major learns just how dangerous his boss is when it turns out that the three heads of Boss’ goons show up in the DA’s lakeside cabin – they know Major lied about the DA, and they’re going to keep killing off the twitter trolls until the DA is dead (I guess I should stop tweeting about how supermarkets should stock more Diet Coke instead of trying to make Coca Cola Life happen). Major does his bit by explaining his scheme to the DA and faking his suicide, but this work is increasingly taking its toll.

The case of the week also brings Stacey Boss into Blaine’s orbit, as well as Peyton’s. Peyton brings Liv over to talk down Blaine, which is great, and she also tells him she’s passing off his case to the missing DA. Boss sent his goons after the DA for investigating him, and the only reason the DA makes it out of that situation alive is because he’s a zombie. Blaine discovers Stacey Boss at his place of business for the funeral of his nephew, and while Blaine makes it through both of his interactions with his former employer without running away and hiding in a corner, he took a blow. Boss doesn’t mind that Blaine disappeared, got out of the business, but he did have some of Boss’ utopium, and Boss wants reparations totalling 80 grand. Blaine is all swagger, but Boss is one of the few people who has the measure of him. He knows how dangerous it is to try and take Boss out of the game to corner Seattle’s drug market, which is why he’s using the DA’s office as a cover. That doesn’t seem to be working very well at the moment however, as Peyton hands in her resignation to the Mayor. The Mayor doesn’t accept her resignation because Peyton isn’t the sort of person to quit when things get hard, other than running away when she found out her best friend was a zombie, so Peyton’s still an Assistant DA, but she’s going to have to be careful. They all are.

Other thoughts:

  • My favourite running gag was how Ravi was constantly hungover because he was drinking with Peyton.
  • He also really has a thing for Peyton, and it hurts to look at his face when Peyton moves into his new place.
  • Gilda showed back up at Liv’s apartment this week, I have no idea what the point of that was.

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