What’s new on Australian streaming services in February – CNET

You could curl up and binge-watch the “Vicar of Dibley” holiday specials, or you could grab your chainsaw, lower your standards and get ready for “Sharknado 3”. Either way, streaming has you covered this month.

Source: What’s new on Australian streaming services in February – CNET

CNET is your place to go to see what’s new on Australian streaming services each month. Presto has an abundance of new shows and films to watch, while Netflix and Stan are having a quiet one, at least according to CNET. As I do every day, I just checked Stan’s New Addition page, and they’ve dropped at least ten new films in addition to Lolita and The Golden Compass. My particular advice on that is to not watch The Golden Compass, it was not a great film.

Now I come to additions of note for each service.

Netflix: Netflix doesn’t appear to have much new on paper, but they’re prioritising original content over acquisition at the moment, and there will be new original programming. The original series Love, Cooked, and Fuller House (the spinoff of Full House that no one asked for) are premiering this month. New films include Sharknado 3 and Avengers: Age of Ultron. I can’t speak for Sharknado 3 (I’ve seen the original), but Age of Ultron was definitely a letdown, so make of that what you will. You should probably just watch Captain America: Winter Soldier instead, it’s the best of the current Marvel films.

Stan: The second season of Better Call Saul and the J.J. Abrams adaptation of Stephen King’s 11/22/63 will premiere on February 16 in Australia, so that’ll be a busy day for television bloggers who don’t get screeners (aka me). Elsewhere in television, all of the Degrassi series will drop on February 25, and the first three seasons of House of Lies will drop February 28, making it the next feature of Stan’s Showtime deal. In Australian programming, we have the first season of ABC’s sketch show Black Comedy (side note: where is SBS’ Legally Brown?), and the documentary The Killing Season aobut the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd era in Australian comedy. In film, we have the Noah Baumbach film I didn’t have time to see last year in While We’re Young, as well as The Duff, which isn’t a groundbreaking romantic comedy, but Mae Whitman plays the lead, so it’s worth watching.

Presto: There’s a lot of stuff on Presto. It’s acquiring many children’s shows. Of the other television, most of the shows being added on February 15 are already available on either Netflix or Stan. It may be worth subscribing if you haven’t seen the second season of The Americans though. The most interesting addition is the Tropfest ’16 Finalists, particularly if you’re a fan of short film. It’s great to have the ability to watch these films, even if I don’t actually subscribe to Presto.


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