Set your faces to Stan! ‘Star Trek’ and more hits streaming this March – CNET


Best Picture winner in our hearts. Image courtesy of Warner Bros.

Source: Set your faces to Stan! ‘Star Trek’ and more hits streaming this March – CNET

CNet is one of my favourite sites purely because they provide us with the information on what’s happening with Australian streaming services. So they’re great, but March’s streaming highlight isn’t every episode of Star Trek, but the ability to watch Mad Max: Fury Road as of March 2nd, also on Stan. It probably won’t win Best Picture at the Oscars tomorrow, but its nomination is a credit to just how great it is. And I’m not even a fan of action movies. I’ll go through highlights of all the services below.

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The next month or so.

Now that I’m not writing every day, I’m finding myself writing three to four posts a week, which is about right. I’d like to be writing more, but there are other things I’d like to focus on for the next couple of months, and I’m going to be very busy with choir when it gets closer to Easter. I have three reviews in my drafts that have been there for a month now, and all I’ve written is the titles – I know, I should just accept that I’m not going to write them. I’m not going away completely, but there certainly aren’t going to be any shows that I’m going to add to my rotation. I’ll keep writing about Jane the Virgin and iZombie, and probably Better Call Saul. I want to keep writing about Australian television, I’m just not sure what form that will take at this point in time. I’m already thinking about what to do for MasterChef this year, and it will probably include guest bloggers in one form or another. I put a lot of work into building this up last year, and I’m proud of it, but I need to take a (small) step back for a while. When I say step back, it’s not entirely true, because I’m sure my Jane the Virgin reviews will still be over 1000 words. I’m glad I decided to write every day last year, but it took a lot out of me, and very few posts were prepared in advance or edited in any way. I’ll be around.

Jane the Virgin, “Chapter Thirty-Four”

jane 33

Gina Rodriguez and Yael Grobglas. Image courtesy of The CW

Then everyone sent Mo Ryan Rogelio gifs, it was great. When my alarm woke me up this morning, one of the first things I remembered is how much I enjoyed “Chapter Thirty-Four.” I don’t even know how to write about it, it’s that good. I did make the mistake of reading Oliver Sava’s fantastic review over at The A.V. Club last night because I enjoyed the episode so much, and I wanted to share it with someone other than my brother. He’s great, but he’s not the best television watching companion. Two weeks ago we left off with the possibility that Jane might not be a virgin for much longer, which is reflected in this week’s title-card with an added question mark at the end. Whether Jane is a virgin or not is irrelevant, because as Josh Oakley wrote, “Jane the Virgin has both outgrown and encapsulated its name.”

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Better Call Saul, Season 2 Episode 2: “Cobbler”

Mike: It’s Ehrmantraut. You still morally flexible? If so, I might have a job for you.
Jimmy: Where and when?


Nacho will be sure to tell that to the guys at the chop shop. Image courtesy of AMC.

Being morally flexible isn’t as easy as Jimmy thought it would be – at least not with Kim. I wrote last week that I didn’t quite understand why Jimmy decided to take the job, and of course it was Kim. I have no idea what their relationship is, but Jimmy wants to find out. He’s also finding out Kim’s limits to his moral flexibility. As they eat pie together at the end of the episode, Jimmy tells Kim about the story he spun the police for the world’s stupidest drug dealer. Kim knows who Jimmy is and she likes him anyway, but upon learning that he falsified evidence, she tenses up. Kim takes her role as a lawyer seriously, and she warns Jimmy that if the wrong people hear about this, he’ll be disbarred. It got even worse when she found out that this wasn’t even a Davis and Maine client, but some pro bono work. Disbarment is a high risk for a client that doesn’t even pay.

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The Family Law, Episode 6: “Love Is in the Air”


Trystan Go. Image courtesy of SBS.

The end of a marriage doesn’t have to be a huge fight followed by your father walking out on you at the worst party ever, as it did on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It can be two people realising that what’s best for them and their children is if they go their separate ways. The end of Jenny and Danny’s relationship reminded me of Dev and Rachel on Master of None. Sometimes things just don’t work out. The Family Law did a fantastic job contrasting Jenny and Danny’s marriage to Candy and Wayne’s relationship. As Candy and wayne prepare to get married, there’s so much emotion involved, whereas Jenny and Danny just feel kind of lost.

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iZombie, Season 2 Episode 13: “The Whopper”

izombie 213

Robert Buckley. Image courtesy of The CW.

I’m almost guaranteed to like a piece of media that uses the Les Miserables soundtrack to end an episode in triumph. One of my favourite parts in season three of Orange Is the New Black was the prison guards singing ‘Do You Hear the People Sing?’ as they decided to unionise, and I similarly loved iZombie‘s use of ‘One Day More,’ as different groups of characters achieved small victories. For Blaine and Major it’s several days more, as Liv, Major and Ravi uncover the missing stock of tainted utopium. They needed that, now that New Hope has died. It’s lucky that Blaine and Major haven’t gone back to being zombies yet, and I’m wondering how much longer it will be until they do. At least they got some face to face time this week, and I’m really looking forward to the rest of the season.

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Better Call Saul, Season 2 Episode 1: “Switch”



Image courtesy of AMC. Photo by Ursula Coyote.

Kim: So this is what a midlife crisis looks like?

Is Jimmy McGill having a midlife crisis? Maybe. He’s had a rough time recently with Chuck’s betrayal, and he’s wondering why he spent so much of his time and energy trying to impress his brother. Kim and Jimmy are both right – Jimmy needs a plan, but he also needs to figure out why he does whatever he chooses to do. Any sort of crisis that Jimmy is possibly having right now is deserved, but he realises he has to get back to real life. “Switch” is an understated episode of television. I enjoyed it, but I’m having some difficulty figuring out what to write, so this is going to be a short one.

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