Jane the Virgin, “Chapter Twenty-Eight”

I’m writing this after having seen the next episode, so this is going to be a short review – I’m mainly trying to keep the two separate in my mind – which is a shame, because this was a very good episode. It wasn’t up there with Mateo’s baptism, but it was an episode about family, which is what Jane the Virgin does best. Perhaps my mistake was to wait two weeks before watching this episode, but Christmas is a really busy time of year. It was really brave of the writers to tell six months’ worth of story in one episode, but it got the show’s timeline up to date with our calendar (at least in Australia’s delayed telecast), and it does that without losing any of what makes this show great.

Jane has started her graduate degree, which is a difficult enough undertaking when you don’t have a three month old. A few weeks ago we saw Jane almost turn down this opportunity, and this week we see what she’s missing, namely four mothers group classes with really complicated choreography. Meanwhile, she gets kicked out of class for taking a call from Mateo’s paediatrician who just wanted to know if he was missing a hat (what?), and is not getting on with Professor Chavez. She’s not making any friends at grad school, and her classmate Wesley Masters is critical of her not opening up. She stops pumping eventually  – it just became too much – and she gets sick, becoming a bitch while she has a fever.

Missing out is part of parenthood, but at least Jane has her family and Rafael to keep her updated on everything. She misses Mateo’s doctor’s appointment where he has to wear a helmet to fix his flat head (which is absolutely adorable), and argues with Rafael about her son’s trust fund. Jane knew that Rafael was rich, but realising that her son is rich is something she hadn’t forseen. Jane imagines a variety of scenarios, the funniest of which is by far “Baller Mateo”, who drives up in his toy car, drops the key rather than giving it to the valet, and throws money in the air.

Rafael has a lot going on this week, as he and Petra learn that they will be having twins! As everyone’s favourite narrator points out, this is three children he has conceived without having had sex. But he is being a good father to Mateo, and goes to all of the parenting classes she misses because she’s studying (I refuse to call them mother’s classes, the fact that Rafael is so involved in his son’s life is great). He knows all the choreography to the song. He really wants to be with Jane, but she’s not over Michael yet. What I love about this is that it’s a much more realistic route than the one that was taken a year ago, when Jane started her relationship with Rafael before her one with Michael even properly finished. So, Michael dates one of the other mothers in the class for about a month, before visiting Jane in her uber-bitch fever state (I get it Jane). At the end of the episode he asks her on a date and she says yes. I’m still firmly on Team Michael, but Rafael seems to understand the concept of not rushing into things at this point, which is growth for him.

Meanwhile, Petra is having a much harder time learning that she is to be the mother of twins, because she’s also dealing with the fact that her new husband is trying to sell 200 grenades. She asks for Jane’s help in getting her mother out of jail on parole, and when she sees Jane again, asks for advice about parenting, because Magda wasn’t exactly a nurturing mother. Milos goes to Prague while Petra and Magda get him arrested so that they can get rid of the grenades. They dispose of the grenades, but not before one of them blows off one each of Magda’s hands an eyes, so now she has a hook and an eyepatch. Ivan (who was watching over them while Milos was in Prague but had to leave when the arrest happened) comes back and threatens to tell Petra something else that Magda did. When Petra opens the door to her suite, Magda has killed Ivan.

Now it is time to mourn The Passions of Santos, which has come to an end. Rogelio has a lot of free time, and he is now trying to sell a passion project, which is a telenovela adaptation of Mad Men, in which he plays Don Juan Draper. He uses up the show’s budget in the first month of shooting, and then finds a private investor to fund the show. However the lawyers are saying that Matthew Weiner isn’t happy about this particular adaptation, but from what Rogelio has said, Hombres Locos bears very little resemblance to his masterpiece.

Other thoughts:

  • Michael and Nadine are off looking for Sin Rostro, there’s not really much to say about that at this stage.
  • Magda keeping secrets from Petra seems like retreading the first season, and while she and Milos provide context for why Petra is the way she is, I feel like the show would be better off without them.
  • Tomorrow I’ll review the next episode, so I’ll be all caught up for “Chapter Thirty” next week before a three week hiatus.



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