iZombie, Season 2 Episode 8: “The Hurt Stalker”

“The Hurt Stalker” is the episode of iZombie that I’ve been waiting for the past month. “Abra Cadaver” was fun, sure, but since the second episode of the season, the cases of the week haven’t been thematically tied to the other storylines in the episode, and that’s when this show is at its best. As Clive moves forward in his relationship with Dale, the woman we saw two weeks ago turns up dead the next morning (the hiatus didn’t really do much for the continuity there), shot by Clive’s gun. It turns out that the woman was a ‘badge bunny’ (liked cops) wedding planner, who stalked men who dumped her, and her brain had a pretty concerning effect on Liv.

I like that the writers have decided to make Liv and Major’s relationship more difficult than they had envisioned it would be, and as I wrote last time, that has nothing to do with celibacy. Lack of communication has been at the heart of Liv and Major’s relationship problems ever since Liv became a zombie, and they’re not being 100% honest with each other. Well actually Liv is being very honest, but Major isn’t. The discrepancy between the two is highlighted by Liv on stalker brain, which allows her to give into her worst tendencies as Major’s girlfriend. She goes through his phone and tries to get in his safe. The issue with the phone and Gilda/Rita is one thing, but the safe is another. He says he wants a completely honest relationship, and his double standard is wearing on me. Liv recognises when she’s gone too far, but the doubt was in her mind before she ate stalker brain, and it will be once it wears off. Liv and Major have both changed since they were engaged, and it’s not as simple as tranistioning between alive and undead.

Assisting Liv’s doubt is Gilda, known to Major (or at least in Major’s phone as Rita). For some reason Gilda thinks that Major and Liv being back together will derail her zombie killing plans, but first of all Major isn’t killing the zombies, and second of all, he hasn’t told Liv a single thing about it. Gilda has the upper hand here, and she’s able to drive a wedge between Liv and Major without them realising (although I hope the penny drops soon, this is by far my least favourite plot device of the season, and I really like Gilda as a character). She tells Liv that the problems that led her to break up with an ex didn’t go away when they got back together, but got worse. She catches Liv stalking Major’s facebook page and discovers she knows about ‘Rita’, so she texts Major with the intention of Liv seeing it. Gilda’s a fascinating character, and once this particular arc is over, I hope she gets to team up with Blaine or something.

Finally we come to the case of the week, which concerns Clive. Liv and Ravi aren’t thrilled to learn that Cavanaugh is the lead detective on the case, so with a tip from Clive, they begin to investigate themselves. I love Ravi, and I’m absolutely thrilled to see him enjoy some investigative shenanigans. He’s enthusiastic with his improv training, even though he’s not great when put on the spot. He’s perfectly okay playing Liv’s fiance, and it’s great. We learned some things about Clive this week as well: he’s a massive Game of Thrones fan, and also makes a mean traditional Cajun sandwich using his grandmother’s recipe. Clive’s the regular we know the least about, so it was nice to get a glimpse into his life outside of work.

Other thoughts:

  • Short review this week, I have to be up in 7 hours, and it turns out December is a really busy time of year.
  • The Liv and Ravi as an engaged couple was a nice not to the Ravioli shippers out there, but I never want their relationship to change from the way it is now.
  • My favourite joke from stalker brain was Liv getting jealous about Ravi’s shampoo “it does smell like Ravi”
  • Ravi: What’s George RR Martin doing right now?
    Clive: Not writing.

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