What’s new on Australian streaming services in November

Source: What’s new on Australian streaming services in November – CNET

After two days of complaining that CNET have not made their monthly list of new arrivals to Australian streaming services, they have heard me. It’s not the latest they’ve published the list (and yes, I understand that the first was a Sunday, but they could have schedulede the post or even posted it on Friday), but it’s also not the earliest. As far as television, there’s not too much I didn’t know about on Netflix, except for Season 2 of Peaky BlindersMaster of None is Aziz Ansari’s new comedy, and I’ve seen positive tweets from televion critics, followed by complaints about Peak TV, so that can only be a good thing.

Over on Stan, the big story is The West Wing, but I think it’s much more significant that Stan seem to have acquired the streaming rights not only to Inside Amy Schumer, but also much of Comedy Central’s original programming, including Broad City and Drunk History. Comedy Central began to order more original scripted programmin last year, and for the most part, those shows have gotten great reviews.

Presto’s biggest drawcard is its acquisition of HBO’s library, and November sees them adding Band of Brothers and The Pacific to their library. There are also some great Australian shows being added to Presto, including the back catalogue of Working Dog shows – Frontline and The Hollowmen – that will probably show up on the other services as well, and Rake. I just noticed that Presto also got The Legend of Korra, which I hoped was going to show up on Stan with the rest of Avatar: The Last Airbender. We’ll see what happens, but I may have to buy those shows on DVD. These are some pretty good offerings on the television front, after October was a bit of a slow month, so I’m hopeful.


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