Stan’s offerings for November 2015

Stan November 2015

When I wrote about Jane the Virgin‘s arrival on Netflix yesterday, I lamented the lack of information about which shows are dropping on Australian streaming services. Over on sites like /Film and The A.V. Club, American consumers are able to see what’s new to and leaving Netflix each month, and in Australia we have CNet, which gives us information about new shows and films at some point in the first week of the month. CNet have not yet published their list of what’s coming to Australian streaming services in Nobember, but at least Stan have a handy cover photo on their social media pages that lets us know the month’s highlights. I still think that Stan’s television offerings are currently marginally better than Netflix’s (Netflix pulled closer yesterday with Jane the Virgin), and there are some good things happening this month. Stan seems to have some sort of deal with Starz, which means that we get Flesh and Bone fast tracked, as well as every episode of Rob Thomas’ greatest show Party Down. I’m thrilled to be able to watch the first two seasons of Inside Amy Schumer without having to find a rerun at 4:30 in the morning. I’ve already seen every episode of The West Wing at least three times, so that doesn’t really matter to me. Unfortunately, this is what Stan has chosen to highlight, because for some reason they don’t want to just give us a press release. Fortunately they’re really good at responding to questions on their Facebook page, so I know I’ll finally get to see the first season of The Flash in December. Until I get that CNet article, I’m just going to have to log into a streaming service every day just to see what’s new (speaking of which, Stan’s new arrivals page is much better than Netflix’s, because the arrivals are in reverse chronological order, and they don’t try to tell me that Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt still counts as a new arrival).


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