Jane the Virgin, Season 1 now on Netflix ANZ

Jane the Virgin is one of my faovurite shows on television – it’s one of the first shows I covered on a weekly basis – it’s funny, and sweet and a show for the whole family. The premise is ridiculous, sure, but it leans into its telenovela roots and embraces that.Gina Roddriguez’ Golden Globe winning performance is also phenomenal. I just got an email from Netflix telling me they just added a TV show I might like, and I wondered if they actually got it right. Sometimes they think I like horror films which is not accurate. I do like Jane the Virgin, and it’s one of the most self assured seasons out there. The second season premieres in Australia November 17th at 8:30 pm on Fox 8, and now you have two whole weeks to get caught up on the first season. Make the most of your long weekend! Thank you Netflix, for adding this wonderful show, and also letting me know that you did. Your algorithm doesn’t always work, but you just managed to read my mind, which is great.

One of my big problems with Australian streaming services is that unless you work for a website that happens to get sent press releases from these companies, you generally have no idea when anything’s going to be added to Netflix, Stan or Presto. CNet tend to publish what’s new on Australian streaming services every month, but they haven’t published one for November yet, so I’m in the dark except for the knowledge that I can now watch Jane the Virgin to my heart’s content. Aziz Ansari’s new comedy drops this Friday November 6, and the first season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones drops on November 20th. Over on Stan, Starz’ Flesh and Bone (for which there have unfortunately been murmurings that it’s underwhelming) drops on November 8th, possibly on the 9th, but we don’t know that yet, because no one has told us. Oh also all of The West Wing will be available on Stan as of November 19, but I’ve seen that show so much I can recite entire scenes. What we need to know is more than snippets, so I hope this improves in the future.


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