The Ex-PM, Episode 3

Andrew Dugdale: Revenge is a happy byproduct.

This is going to be an incredibly short review, because my life has quieted down a bit since Tuesday, I spent most of last night playing Ocarina of Time and forgot to watch The Ex-PM, and it’s now 10pm on Thursday and this is my first chance to watch it. About to press play on iview now. This week Andrew is hosting diplomats from Israel and Palestine so that he can get some sort of posting out there because his greatest political rival is slated to get the job. He buys kosher and Halal meat, and as expected, it’s a disaster. Meanwhile, budget negotiations are at a standstill, which means the government isn’t paying for his staff, so they have an unpaid day off.

I like The Ex-PM, but I don’t really have that much to say about it. The best part of the episode was at the dinner party when the Israelis and Palestinians started arguing about My Kitchen Rules versus MasterChef, because the Israelis had more foam (which was actually from the dog’s mouth) on their plates. MasterChef is a much better show, sorry Israel. I can’t stand My Kitchen Rules. It’s not even about the food! As suspected, it turns out that Andrew tries his hand at diplomacy by saying that they’re practically the same show, and his guests all decide to go out for Indian with his daughter and Myles.

The most intriguing storyline this week didn’t have anything to do with Andrew, as the staff weren’t getting paid and therefore didn’t have to work. Katherine wanted Sonny to stay with her all day, but Sonny hasn’t had a day off since he first came to work for Andrew, so he went to the park and ate an ice cream, and then went to the pub and got drunk. He was a little wistful when he saw happy couples, but that’s probably due to his very unhealthy relationship with Katherine. When he doesn’t want to spend the day with her, she’s convinced he’s seeing someone else, even though he doesn’t have that kind of time. Then she sees him helping Rita with her tennis, and that’s it. This storyline isn’t really resolved, but I assume everything’s fine with Sonny and Katherine, I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t be. This isn’t that kind of show. Sonny also walked in the house early in the morning and offered to help with the washing up.

The only person who doesn’t have the day off is Ellen, who is roped into driving Andrew and helping him with the shopping for the dinner. I doubt she gets any material for the book, so I’m wondering how this will all turn out. I’d love to read this autobiography.

Other thoughts:

  • Sometimes I try to remember the music and start singing the theme to Antiques Roadshow.
  • Myles only laughs at Andrew’s jokes because he works for him.
  • AGAPANTHUS – former Prime Ministers should not have agapanthus lining their driveways, it’s irresponsible.
  • I did enjoy the Gutenberg/Guttenberg joke, even though the Police Academy reference is a bit dated. There’s a great Police Academy live show at Warner Bros Movie World in Queensland though.

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