iZombie, Season 2 Episode 4: “Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues”

A lot happened this week in iZombie. There were two reunions, and one of them made me cry (hint: it was the one at the start of the episode). Blaine made a reappearance, and is wondering about the disappearance of two of his customers. Oh, and he’s also Peyton’s whistleblower and charms her pretty good, which is my favourite romantic development so far. I’m excited for when Gilda moves out (you just know it’s going to happen sooner rather than later – thank goodness), Peyton moves back in, and Liv realises she’s dating Blaine. That is the kind of relationship drama I like in my zombie show that isn’t really a zombie show. We’ll get to that later though. Tonight we’ll start with Major.

Interestingly enough, Major’s descent into misery only took three months and four episodes before he realised that he needed to pull his head out. It wasn’t his hate sex with Gilda, or Liv yelling at him, or even Ravi yelling at him for bringing a dog home (Major calls it “dog”, Ravi calls it “Miner” because he went through the rubbish bin. Team Ravi), and then losing said dog. No, it’s when he goes out to score some utopium, and the dealer recognises him from Helter Shelter – oh how the mighty have fallen. To state the obvious, Major has a saviour complex, and the only thing that could get him out of this funk was the realisation that he’s ended up just like the kids he couldn’t save. So he goes over to Liv’s and asks for her help and then they end up making out. I assume they won’t have sex because of the zombie thing, but there is the Gilda of it all, which I’m guessing will come out in episode 6 at the latest. I don’t know whether Major is going to spill the beans on what he’s doing for Max Rager, but now that this is 18 episodes instead of 13, I’m intrigued to how the season ends up playing out.

The reunion I cared the most this week however, was Liv and Peyton. Peyton! After the birthday cake this week, I was hopeful yet worried about their reunion (they probably were too), but it was great. The reason I care more about this than Liv and Major is that I assume they’re “endgame” (I dislike using that term, but ever since Rainbow Rowell used it satirically in Carry On, I’ve warmed to it a bit). Unless a Josh Charles-type situation happens, of course. Peyton is a part of Liv, and when you’re fighting with your best girlfriend, the world basically stops spinning. I don’t have many male friends – I went to a girls school, and then most of the people I have worked with have also been women – so I know the friendship is different, and Liv needs Peyton in her life. I’m sure Peyton needs Liv too, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of her this season, possibly with Blaine.

BLAINE!!! David Anders was definitely the missing piece of the puzzle. Blaine is the fun bad guy, who actually has a pretty solid business plan that helps contain Seattle’s zombie problem. He’s the antagonist, but Liv needs him just as much as he needs Liv and Ravi. It’s a dynamic that works well, and his master plan is meticulous. He set up his dealers to be middle class looking kids who then made it to the front page when they were killed, which led to the DA’s investigation. Now he’s Peyton’s key informant, because everyone else is too terrified of Seattle’s drug kingpin to testify, which is what he suspected. Peyton doesn’t think she can offer him anything, but she can offer him immunity for the crimes he admitted to committing. Everyone else is worried about ending up dead, but Blaine’s already died, and he’s using his second chance at life to take over from Seattle’s drug kingpin. At least he knows who he is.

Blaine isn’t having the perfect week – two of his customers have gone “missing”, which is a euphemism for “killed by Major” – which has also piqued the interest of the FBI. He is however sated by the fact that his friend found Gabriel, who cut the utopium, and since the boat party has converted to Christianity. He doesn’t give Blaine what he wants, so Blaine punishes him by turning him into a zombie and not giving him brains. David Anders brings Blaine to life, but it’s moments like these that remind you that while Blaine is fun, he’s the bad guy for a reason. This episode wasn’t perfect, but all of our favourites are back, so I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

Other thoughts:

  • The case of the week wasn’t really important – it ended up becoming about Major and Liv.
  • Meanwhile, the FBI investigation is intriguing. The Agent is obviously a love interest for Clive. They’re a good match, especially if Clive lets her in on what happened at the Meat Cute.
  • Today Liv fried her brains, and they even smelled appetising to Ravi.

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