You’re the Worst, on Eleven.

You’re the Worst is a romcom for the 21st Century. Jimmy and Gretchen meet at a wedding and go home together, and they have a lot of sex as well as conversations about the horrible things they’ve done. These two commitment phobes are perfect for each other, and the season is about how they navigate what becomes a very dysfunctional relationship. The first season of You’re the Worst aired in the United States last year, and it got fantastic reviews. Unbeknownst to me, it started airing on Eleven just over a week ago. I did an iTunes search to see if it was available, and there were the first two episodes! The page also told me that it’s airing on Eleven, one of Network Ten’s secondary channels, where you can watch them for free using a terrible web player if you don’t like paying for the episodes. I really need to start reading the television guide to see what’s on these secondary channels, because that seems to be where Ten is airing all of its imported scripted content outside of Madam Secretary and The Good Wife (the new seasons of both these shows will start this Wednesday on Ten), and there’s good stuff if you know to look for it. Aya Cash is instantly engaging as Gretchen, and Chris Geere is great as the emotionally closed-off Englishman Jimmy. Kether Donoghue as Lindsay and Desmin Borges as Edgar are also fantastic. I’m off to watch some TV.

You’re the Worst airs Fridays at 10:30 pm on Eleven.


2 thoughts on “You’re the Worst, on Eleven.

  1. I’ve been hearing from my various TV-aware people that You’re the Worst is great.

    But there’s so much TV on right now. I need to clone myself to watch it all. And then figure some way to merge the experiences into my head, so I’ve actually seen them all.

    Or invent a time machine. But people might notice when I age a year during a month, watching all of the TV.

  2. There is way too much TV. I’ve still only seen the first season of The Sopranos, and it’s hard enough to watch everything that’s new and ongoing.

    An Australian television critic type person tweeted about a new Australian show that started on Wednesday and I replied with TOO MUCH TV! I’m weirdly relieved that The Good Wife, which used to be my favourite show, has gotten so bad that I don’t really care about it that much.

    Also there are some great shows that ended this year and even though they’re not around any more, there’s still too much to watch!

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