Interview: Stan’s Director of Content talks up local drama investments — DeciderTV

It’s an exciting time in Australian TV.  With the arrival of streaming services such as Stan, Presto and Netflix, together with Pay TV’s Foxtel, the Aussie TV viewer is becoming spoilt for choice.

Source: Interview: Stan’s Director of Content talks up local drama investments — DeciderTV

I’m 107 percent certain that more Australians are subscribed to Netflix than they are to Stan, and that decision is fine, but Stan has a lot more going for it. Netflix is a global content provider, so we get Netflix originals like House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black at the same time as the rest of the world, but there’s no local content. Stan has made a name for itself by acquiring shows like Better Call Saul, UnREAL and iZombie, which have all fast-tracked from the US, and it’s also investing in original series made in Australia. This interview with the Director of Content at Stan provides insight as to the thinking behind such decisions – I’m also really looking forward to watching No Activity later in the month, especially since it’s a comedy. Australia has great comedic talent, but the only network currently tapping into that is the ABC. No Activity comes from Jungleboys, the people behind A Moody Christmas, and another upcoming project is an adaptation of Wolf Creek. Here’s hoping that Stan invests in some new voices as well.

Other thoughts:

  • I don’t agree with everything that’s said in the interview – I don’t necessarily want my television to be more like film, an episode should be an episode. This was one of the main criticisms of Netflix’s Bloodline, which I am still yet to watch.
  • Nick Forward said there’s no excuse for putting up bad telly, which is a nice thing to say, but The Following is available for viewing on Stan, so that’s a thing.
  • Stan has 400,000 subscribers, which is impressive. Given that Netflix refuses to release its subscriber data, we’ll never actually be able to compare the two.

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