The /Filmcast is essential listening for cinephiles

Months and months ago I wrote a post about all my favourite television and film related podcasts, and it wasn’t a short list. Since then, TV on the Internet has ended, and the Firewall and Iceberg podcast only has one episode left now that Dan has moved to The Hollywood Reporter. I’m hoping that Mo Ryan’s move to Variety doesn’t affect her podcast, because I have a strange amount of podcast related anxiety right now. I listen to two podcasts that are focused mainly on film, which are the /Filmcast, the official podcast of Slashfilm, and also Fighting In the War Room. Both are great for different reasons, but over the past few months David Chen and the rest of the crew at /Filmcast have produced some outstanding content for casual fans of film, and more particularly people who aspire to become involved in the industry in one way or another.

For aspiring filmmakers: This bonus episode featuring director Chris Moore and producer Josh Shader about the Starz reality show The ChairThe Chair is a reality show that aired on Starz last year, and it followed two first-time directors each making a film from the same script. There was an indie coming of age film and a raunchy comedy, the latter of which was quite controversial. The Chair followed both directors through the process of making their first film: pre-production (casting, hiring cinematographers), production or the actual shooting of the film, and post-production (editing and sound mixing and the like). Dave Chen recently made his first film which is now available for purchase on Video on Demand (I’m going to buy it this week now that I’ve been paid), and he mentions the show more than once on the podcast, but having Chris and Josh reflect on their experiences and what they would change next time is fascinating. This is the amount of effort it takes to make a film, and it’s tremendous.

Another great episode for aspiring filmmakers is this interview with Joseph Kahn, who is probably best known for directing music videos (he’s done three for Taylor Swift from her most recent album – Blank Space was amazing, Bad Blood and Wildest Dreams less so). Earlier this year he made a short Power Rangers fan film that took the internet by storm, and just listening to him talk about how he made it was an absolute pleasure. I listened to it one time while I drove to Ballarat, and it was a blast.

For aspiring actors: I had coffee with a friend last week and we were talking about how grueling the job hunting process is, even if you’re a couple of years out of university and have a little experience under your belt. She has found a job for next year, which is great. I have some part time work at the moment, but just before meeting her, I got some feedback about a job interview I did in August, in which I found out I was second choice. In their review of M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit, Jeff Cannata ends up talking about the audition process in Hollywood and how gruelling it is. It’s not that different to looking for other jobs, the key is persistence, which I think is the same for any field. You have to really want it.

For aspiring critics: Dave Chen invited Joanna Robinson of Vanity Fair and Alison Willmore from Buzzfeed about how they built their careers writing about film and television. There’s no straightforward career path for this kind of thing, and there were some really great tips. I’m probably going to listen to it several times.

For music fans: David Chen also uploaded an interview with Joe Kraemer, who composed the score for Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. The amount of content on this podcast is fantastic, and if you’re really into film scores, there’s definitely something for you here.

The /Filmcast has great, in-depth film reviews and news discussion, but I also learn so much listening to it. It just happens that these sorts of discussions outside the main reviews provide insight into working in film and related industries make it a necessity to listen.


2 thoughts on “The /Filmcast is essential listening for cinephiles

  1. The interview with Joanna and Alison was particularly great, since it had great lessons for creative people and how they should use social media, regardless if their focus was film/tv criticism or not.

    I have too many podcasts to listen to, but I do keep an eye out for when /Filmcast is covering a movie that I really want to hear their take on (like Mad Max: Fury Road)

    Thanks for spreading the good word!

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