Australian Politics: Game of Thrones or House of Cards?

I’m not commenting too much on Australian politics here, just telling you all to check out one of the best political dramas ever made. One of the many email newsletters I’ve signed up for is Vox’s Sentences, which explain a few stories in a succinct manner, complete with links if you want to read more about the particular issue. Today/Yesterday’s Sentences has the headline “Australia is basically turning into a real life Game of Thrones“. I love Game of Thrones with reservations, and the politics are what finally got me watching the show, but there are other shows that are better comparisons, namely the original UK/real House of Cards, and Borgen, which I’ve written about here and here.

The first two seasons of Borgen are an eerily similar parallel to Julia Gillard’s tenure as Prime Minister, especially the cabinet negotiations necessary for forming a minority government in Episode Two. The original House of Cards (available for streaming on both Netflix and Stan), is a much better explanation of how parliamentary democracies can replace Prime Ministers in the middle of a term. It’s also much tighter than the US series because they don’t have to bend over backwards in order to get Kevin Spacey sworn in as the Vice President and then the President. I haven’t watched this show in a very long time, but based on the events of the past few days, I’m going to revisit it sometime in the next few weeks. It’s a four hour miniseries with two sequel series of different titles, it’s definitely worth checking out.

While we’re on the subject of politics and streaming, Stan is definitely my favourite streaming service in Australia. Less than an hour after Turnbull’s announcement that he was going to challenge the Prime Ministership, they tweeted an image of their new front page category, “Political Turmoil”. These categories are temporary but always timely.

Screenshot (3)


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