Creative Arts Emmys results!

There has been a leadership challenge in the Australian government this afternoon, but I make a point to not talk about politics on this blog unless it’s part of what I’m reviewing. I’ve been quite busy today, so I haven’t had much time to watch anything, so that gives me a chance to have a look at the winners for the Creative Arts Emmys, which were held last weekend. The Creative Arts awards are for the people who are in the crew of a television show: editing, design, cinematography and sound mixing – basically all the people who get played off at the Oscars because they’re not famous enough to be allowed to make a big speech even though they’re the leaders in their fields. I know that Bradley Whitford beat John Hamm, but that’s about it, so I’m going to pull up a winners list and then we’ll get started. This isn’t going to be a comprehensive analysis, I’m just going to comment on the things that are important to me.

So, now that I’ve given a brief explanation on the Creative Arts awards, let’s get down to what I think is the strangest part of the whole thing: the Guest Actor and Actress categories. Over at The A.V. ClubSam Bersanti gave the typical A.V. Club explanation for the awards, emphasising that it’s not the people in front of the camera, but behind the camera that are celebrated – except of course for the Guest Acting categories. This year awards went to Bradley Whitford for his work in Transparent, which kills all of the conspiracy theories that Hamm would somehow win an award for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and not Mad Men. I’ve seen the first two episodes of Transparent, but I don’t think Whitford is in either of them, so I can’t really judge his performance. The Guest Actress in a Comedy award went to Joan Cusack for Shameless, and she keeps getting this award because the Emmys know who she is, the actual role is quite grating.

Guest Actress in a Drama went to character actress Margo Martindale for her work in The Americans. I think that both Rigg and Janney were more deserving of the award because Martindale didn’t have much to do this season, but I’m just happy that The Americans won something, even though it was in the Creative Arts ceremony. Yet another argument for putting the awards for Guest performances into the main event. Guest Actor in a Drama Series went to Reg E. Cathey for his work on House of Cards, which I don’t watch, so okay. If you say so.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine winning the award for Outstanding Stunt Coordination is possibly my favourite winner, because most of the awards recognition for comedies is over on cable, and there are really good network sitcoms out there other than Modern Family. My other favourtie award is for the song “Girl You Don’t Need Makeup”, which is one of the best songs of the past year, both inside and outside the realms of television.

My biggest disappointment is that Anthony Mendez didn’t win an award for his outstanding voice-over work on Jane the VirginJane was criminally under-recognised in terms of nominations this year, but then again it’s on the CW, so that’s not surprising, so I was unusually invested in this particular category this year.

The most confusing part of the night came when Louis C.K. won an award for writing, which was mistakenly reported in the Comedy category instead of Variety Special by Deadline on Twitter. The tweet was deleted, but it made me incredibly confused. Television is a writer’s medium as opposed to film, in which the director is King, so I thought that the move of writing categories to the Creative Arts Emmys was a potentially dangerous one, but luckily nothing has changed. Bring on the Primetime Emmys!

Other thoughts:

  • Variety has a full list of winners for your perusal.
  • I’ll be posting my predictions at some point this week, which should be interesting. Once again I have seen very little in the way of miniseries, so that should be interesting.

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