Zoo, Season 1 Episode 11: “Eats, Shoots and Leaves”

Unfortunately for me, there was only one episode of Zoo broadcast in Australia this week. CBS aired two episodes and is airing the finale next week in time for the beginning of the fall television season, but in Australia Zoo is on after The Bachelor. It’s just there. I am glad that I didn’t have to watch two episodes at once but at the same time, I could be done with this show a week from now. Zoo was an entertaining show for the first few weeks, but it seems to have gone on forever, and my concerns that they’re stretching out the story so that they have a 13 episode season seem to be more valid with each week.

Not much really happened on Zoo this week, by Zoo standards or even by Rectify standards. Slow television works when it’s done properly, like Rectify, but Zoo is not meant to be slow television. It’s supposed to be fast, pulpy, ridiculous television. Much like the tenth episode, “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” feels like unneccessary padding. Chloe has to watch her sister get tortured in order to provide information and is saved by Agent Dixon. That is the entire Chloe storyline. She has however, left her mobile in Jackson’s pack, so he’s able to communicate with one of her colleagues from the DGSE to find out that the FBI Agent has been killed and she’s now wanted for his murder as well.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang and Ray have made it to Zambia, where they’re trying to capture a leopard so they can manufacture the cure. When they arrive, they find their contacts have all been killed by animals (presumably leopards), and when they go searching for some, they come across a family who escaped from their farm after it was also attacked by leopards. Also the only weapon they have is a tranquiliser gun with six darts because Ray’s colleague decided that it was a good idea to shoot at the police last week. The gang camps out, and Ray gets killed by a leopard (I assume, I wasn’t paying too much attention to the episode, but more on that later). Jackson and Abraham capture a leopard cub, and they decide that it will be their test subject.

I’m not sure exactly where the gang were trying to get to, but wherever it was, the bridge over the river had been destroyed by leopards so they could attack their prey (there was also a discussion about leopards being able to use military tactics, because it’s that kind of show). This means that in order to get wherever they’re going, they need to go the long way around and risk being captured by a local rebel group. Jackson and Abraham try to talk to them, while Jamie and Mitch create a distraction by pricking the leopard cub which will cause it to communicate with its pack so they’re able to come to the rescue. It doesn’t make much sense, but nothing on this show does anymore, so I’ve given up trying to keep track of it. Jackson is shot in the stomach, which means they have to go to the hospital. Only two more episodes left.

Other thoughts:

  • Okay, so the leopards have been infected but they’ve had no interaction with the mother cell or Reiden products? This entire thing is bizarre.
  • I recently purchased a mindfulness colouring book, which took up half of my attention while I was watching this episode, I am incapable of giving this show all of my attention, it’s not worth it.

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