Arts and Crafts!

Well it took me until September to break my New Year’s Goal (I don’t do resolutions) to ‘Write every day – no excuses!’ which is pretty good! I would have loved to have stuck to it, but the circumstances were weird and nothing I’m going to get into here. And I’m going to hold myself to this goal for the rest of the year, I managed to do it that one day back in February when I spent seven hours on a train (I didn’t write on the train), and I have a schedule and everything. In the absence of doing any writing yesterday, and my relatively low word counts recently, I have been channelling my creative energy in other ways.

I’m a member of a craft group that meets intermittently. Two years ago we met every second Wednesday, last year we didn’t meet up much at all, and we’re back on a schedule of every second Wednesday. Except that our access to a space has gone to New York, so I’ve got some time off. The extent of my craft skills goes as far as simple knitting, I can K, P, K2tog, and YO, but that’s about it. Cabling is beyond me. I’ve knitted some scarves and some nice hats. Then two years ago I discovered Ravelry, mainly because I was getting ambitious and I wanted to make a blanket. Never mind that I was in the last semester of my Masters degree at the time, I wanted to make a blanket. It gets cold in Melbourne during the winter. I was searching for a long time before I discovered this particular pattern. Then there was the matter of finding 10 ply yarn because it’s harder to find than 8 or 10 ply.

I bought my giant circular knitting needles and my soft, gorgeous green yarn, and I was all set! I even had a little thing I did called ‘Craftified’, in which I did my knitting while watching Justified. That’s how I know I started this project in 2013, because that’s when I started watching Justified. The other thing I liked to do was ‘Baking Bad’, which is pretty self-explanatory. The most time consuming aspect of the project was unravelling the balls of yarn which were very knotty, and I remember spending one evening listening to a two and a half hour long podcast while unravelling my yarn, and then continuing to do so for another two hours at craft group. I managed to finish most of my blanket in December 2013 before I went to the US for five weeks. Then I finished it two weeks ago at craft group, during which time I did the last row and then cast off (I did a few rows the previous session). Due to the flash on my camera, the colours look a bit strange in the photo, it’s much more of a forest green. I’m going to take another photo of it tomorrow so it doesn’t look blue.

The other thing I’ve been doing for this weeks is colouring. It seems like every member of my craft group has a mindfulness colouring book, and I just go to Dymocks to stare at them so I can avoid spending any money. However my mum photocopied me some pages out of a colleague’s colouring book, and I’ve been colouring for most of the day since I bought a new packet of pencils, and here’s my first art. I actually started on another one while writing this post because I had to restart my computer to install updates. I’m going to need to buy a whole book.

I did a thing!

I did a thing!


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