Glitch, Series 1 Episode 4

I have a new working theory on everything that is going on in Glitch, and we’ll get to that soon. Glitch is a much better show than I had expected, and I’m grateful for that, even though there are some storylines I’m not too thrilled with. This week we learn more about Kirsty’s death, as she remembers it herself. Maria briefly reconciles with Leon; aside from that, getting a ride from Vic didn’t help very much. We still know very little about Charlie or Rodger Corser, and Bo and Patrick could be related! This isn’t quite the clockwork universe we see in some shows (namely Breaking Bad), but I’ll have to reserve judgement on that until we reach the end of the series. At this point I think that Glitch has been cleverly constructed as a whole, and I’m fairly sure we’re going somewhere, I’m just not sure where yet.

I’m going to get this out of the way first. As much as I like everyone in the love triangle of James, Kate and Sarah (not that we really know much about Sarah other than that she was Kate’s best friend and is now married to James with a baby on the way), love triangles are one of my least favourite narrative devices. It only works if it’s done really well (Jane the Virgin is the best example I can think of here), and Glitch is doing an okay job, I just don’t want the climax of the series to be James choosing between two women that he loves – because you can be in love with more than one person at the same time. Spoilers for next week based on the ‘Next time on’ segment show Kate making James an ultimatum, which isn’t fair. I think polygamy is a perfectly viable option in this situation. All of the other characters are much more interesting.

I’m going to get into my grand theory about everything that’s happening, and for that I’m going to start with Kirsty. She and Charlie happen upon a paddock party, and Kirsty invites a boy to go down to the lake with her. When she gets there, she remembers how she died – she was strangled and/or drowned down at the lake. Although to be pedantic about it, if she was strangled, drowning couldn’t ahve been the cause of death. Thanks to a tip from Sarah, James finds Kirsty’s file, and he gives her this information; the man who was arrested for her murder was her former boyfriend Kev, who served 18 years in jail. The suspected motive was jealousy. James visits Kev at his caravan, before Kirsty calls him from a payphone. Kirsty and Kev meet, and it’s only when Kirsty runs away from the man that didn’t kill her that she knows he didn’t, because she was strangled by a man who had a tattoo on his left forearm.

My theory is that it was Vic. I have no idea how old Vic is in relation to Kirsty, but after he snapped Maria’s neck very quickly, we know he’s strong. He probably would have been strong enough to strangle a 19 year old girl 30 years ago. Vic lures Maria in by telling her that he can help her get Anna back, which is a horrible thing to say if you don’t mean it, but also absolutely what you would say to a grieving mother to get her to go along  with whatever your plan is. My problem with Vic right now is that he’s not so much of a character as this incredibly creepy premise. He murdered Maria because she wouldn’t take him to Alicia’s house, then he took a dry cleaning receipt out of her skirt pocket and stood outside the dry cleaners for what seems like over 12 hours. He gets an address, and that’s all we see of Vic this week.

What is interesting is Vic’s working theory, which I have inferred has something to do with Alicia and Noregard Pharmaceuticals. Because Vic is so weird, we don’t know exactly where his mind has gone with this, but after what he said to Maria, we can surmise that if Alicia gave them something after they came back, it was probably from Noregard, and it’s what’s keeping them from leaving Yoorana. What Maria says to Vic is also incredibly telling – he’s just like Alicia, and the only people who tried to help her were James and Kate. This is why James is important: he has a connection to the victims, whereas Vic and Alicia want something from them.

If Alicia is doing what Vic and I think she’s doing (I hate to put myself in the same category as Vic, but he and I have the same hunch), it makes last week’s questions of medical ethics even more relevant. If Alicia is testing some sort of new Noregard drug on the returned, and that’s why she nearly killed Charlie last week, this is more serious than we thought it was. Did Noregard run an experiment to bring people back from the dead just so that they could have test subjects? Alicia had no compunction about nearly pushing Charlie to death that week, so maybe that was her plan all along. If Kirsty and Kate hadn’t been there to watch, Charlie would almost certainly be a pile of dust right now.

This week we also learn that Bo’s mother works for Noregard, and that Bo and Patrick are more connected than we thought they were. The love of Patrick’s life was an Aboriginal woman, who also happened to be Bo’s great-great-grandmother. This is where the clockwork universe theory comes in; the person that followed Patrick was Bo, they travelled to the estate he built, meet his dickhead descendants, and then it turns out they’re related. Nothing is a coincidence on this show. Did Patrick have a lawful wife who was white, or were those boys and Alison Whyte descended from Patrick’s brother? I’ve seen people ask for a series two of this show online, and I haven’t seen all of it yet, but I have an appreciation for the miniseries. Also I don’t yet know how this ends, and I may change my mind, but Glitch is a really good television show, and I’m loving it.


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