Glitch, Series 1 Episode 2

Last night Benjamin Law had this to say about Glitch:

That’s high praise, and after two episodes, I’m definitely not at that stage with this show. There are good elements, but as it goes on, I’m going to find it harder to not compare this show to Les Revenants. We also need to define “HBO terrain”. Are we talking The Sopranos/Deadwood/The Wire, or The Newsroom/True Detective season 2? HBO has a reputation for making quality television, but that doesn’t mean that everything on HBO is good. All art is subjective, and Benjamin Law has seen all of Glitch, while I’ve only seen two episodes, and when you binge-watch something you’re less aware of its flaws. My opinion could very well change, I’ll just have to see where it goes. Onto the spoilery part of the review!

We don’t really know much about the people who have risen from the dead. We know that Patrick Fitzgerald was mayor, and now we know that he built his own estate and was possibly killed by an Aboriginal man. We know that Kate was married to James and that she had breast cancer. We learn the other’s names today: the woman who thought her name was Anna is actually Maria – Anna was her daughter. The other girl is Kirsten, and I can’t remember the name of the guy in the running clothes, except that he died 100 years ago and was understandably fascinated by the television. Television is great. The problem is this is that outside of Kate, we don’t know what the stakes are for any of these characters. Maria’s daughter died and was buried next to her. What happens to the people who don’t have anyone to go back to?

Plot-wise, we’re learning a little bit more about why Carlo died again in the premiere. As James takes Kirsty and the running man to the hospital in Shepparton, they start to bleed from their eyes when they get to the bridge. My theory was that they had to go back to the site of their death, but it turns out that they can’t leave Yoorana. Kate tries to leave of her own accord after she learns that her husband married her best friend (I can understand why they’d find comfort in each other’s arms), and James managed to pull her back before she died again.

After Kate and Maria ran away, James and the doctor whose name I can’t remember (I’ll learn everyone’s name by the end of the series, probably) decide that they need a better solution than keeping six people at the medical clinic, especially if she’s the only doctor in town and other people are going to presumably get sick at some point. This is where the show’s conflict is going to emerge; the doctor wants to treat her patients, and James wants to tell his superior officer about the situation so he can help. Given that one of the returned is Kate, his boss just thinks he’s suffering from continued grief, especially now that he’s remarried and is about to have a baby. This makes perfect sense.

Then Vic crashes his car on the way out of town. As much as it’s perfectly logical for talking on the phone or changing the radio station can lead to a crash, I’m fairly sure he crashed on the same bridge where Carlo died. Does the fact that he’s been told the truth, even if he doesn’t believe it, mean that he’s not allowed to leave Yoorana either?

Other thoughts:

  • Noregard Pharmaceuticals only came up in a conversation between James and Vic, but you don’t create a pharmaceutical company for no reason.
  • Rodger Corser rose out of a hole in the ground and went straight to the local high school in the nude. James went to get him, but not without a fight. James told Abigail (I think that’s her name) not to take the cuffs off, and when she did, Rodger attacked her. What happens next?

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