MasterChef Australia, Season 7 Week 10

I was out all day today, so I haven’t had much time (or energy – tree planting is very draining) to watch anything to write about, which means it’s time for an update on MasterChef, which finished its tenth week last night. I’m not sure how many weeks there are left, but it’s usually finals week once we have a top six, and I’m almost positive that the show runs 12 or 13 weeks, not 11. Mysteries! Anyway, MasterChef is a much more interesting show once it gets down to the pointy end of the competition. This is probably true for most reality shows, but I only tend to watch cooking reality shows (I might watch The Bachelor this year, but more on that on Sunday). I have an acquaintance who only started watching this week. This is going to be a short one, because the keyboard on this tablet is really getting on my nerves – it keeps jumping into the middle of already typed words while I’m writing.

The nature of competition shows is that there’s an allotted time for the show each week (although this is Channel Ten, so it’s not really accurate), and when there are 24 contestants, you don’t get to know them as well as later on, when you can follow six people over an hour and a half instead of anything above ten, really. So, I can watch an entire season of MasterChef and watch these contestants turn into fantastic cooks, or my acquaintance can tune in three weeks before the end, and have a really clear idea of who the contestants are in one or two episodes. Both methods of viewing are valid, and I can understand why someone would watch it that way. MasterChef is appointment viewing for my family, so there’s an added layer there, which is why I watch it most nights (I can take or leave Immunity Challenges, and I have choir most Thursday nights). Either way, this was the best week of MasterChef all season, because there was tension, and also the food just keeps getting better.

The highlights of the week were the Pressure Test and the Immunity Challenge, which is probably my least favourite episode of the week. In the Pressure Test, Billie, Jessica, Matthew and Ashleigh had to recreate Darren Purchese’s flower passionfruit thing (I liked the tweet someone made about MasterChef’s obsession with dome-shaped desserts, especially given that it’s a lead-in to Under the Dome on Mondays). I loved that Jessica overcame her fear of desserts to make the second-best dish of the day, and then followed up with a great dessert in the Service Challenge on Wednesday. Billie is probably in my top 2 to win, along with Georgia. More on that later. In the Immunity Challenge, Jessie and Reynold went double or nothing against a husband and wife team, and while Reynold achieved a perfect score with his dish, Jessie’s score wasn’t quite enough to get them over the line. The next day in the service challenge, Reynold, Jessie and Georgia ended up in the Bottom 3 after finishing Top 4 earlier in the week. It can turn around really quickly on this show.

And now a word on Reynold. I was impressed with him at the beginning of the season, but now I’ve slightly tired of him. He’s a great pastry chef, but the marketing has gotten to me. I get it, he makes great desserts. So do the rest of the contestants, remember Georgia’s bacon crumble and her strawberry patch? As an all-rounder, her desserts have gotten her into immunity challenges. That’s the thing about MasterChef – pastry chefs never win. And that’s okay! But Reynold the boy wonder does one thing really well and everything else well enough, which is why Billie and Georgia are my picks to win this season.


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