True Detective, Season 2 Episode 3: “Maybe Tomorrow”

This is going to be a fairly short review (it’s actually more of a recap) because my laptop broke this morning, and I’m using my dad’s old tablet, which is not great. Also I’m watching Have You Been Paying Attention, so my attention is divided. Anyway, “Maybe Tomorrow” is the best episode of True Detective‘s second season so far. Colin Farrell has a fever dream! Abigail Spencer tries to give him $10,000 to not fight for custody and he refuses! Taylor Kitsch looks alive! Colin Farrell’s character is actually alive because the guy who shot him used riot shells – like cops use. Does that mean that the shooter was a cop? I have no idea, but let’s get to it!

I’m willing to admit that I’m enjoying True Detective now that I’ve embraced its way too seious tone as 100% camp. We open with Colin Farrell (I understand the character’s name is Ray, but all these characters are really just the actors) having a fever dreamset at his favourite bar, but instead of Vince Vaughn, he’s talking to his father. He asks his father where they are, because he doesn’t recognise the bar without that really emo singer lady and Vince Vaughn. His father tells him that Colin was here first, which either means that Ray’s father died immediately after he did, or that Colin’s not dead. It’s the latter – he’s not dead! After he “recovers”, for lack of a better term, he meets Vince Vaughn at the bar to be all “who tried to kill me?”, which is a reasonable reaction. As he leaves, Luisa asks Vince what Ray’s problem was, and Vince says “He was murdered”. There is absolutely no subtext in this show and I’m loving it.

Meanwhile, Antigone and Taylor Kitsch (Rachel McAdams is doing enough acting here to warrant having a character name, and also that name is ridiculous) go to interview the Mayor’s wife and check out his house without a warrant. See, the sex dungeon phone called the house a lot, so they decided to check out the house. The trophy wife has a vision board (talk about a female non-character), and the son puts on accents depending on his situation. Mr Mayor gets really pissed and goes to Colin Farrell PD (I don’t know the name of the town or the mayor) to try and get Antigone fired, which is edited together with Antigone’s superiors asking her about Farrell – they think they can use the fact that he’s “compromised” as leverage. We see this in action when Scotty from Suits goes over to his house to let him know that the State Police are asking questions about him and the man that raped her.

Meanwhile Frank is getting a blowjob from his wife at a fertility clinic because apparently they’re having trouble conceiving. Combined with Vince Vaughn’s monologue about stains on the ceiling, this is another thing that tries and fails to make Frank an interesting character/seem more human. It doesn’t work, because Vince Vaughn isn’t doing a great job. Also, he doesn’t seem to want children as much as his wife does because he’s (somewhat understandably) preoccupied with getting his millions of dollars back. His investors are refusing something or other, he swindles a construction foreman out of 25% of the profits of something, and then either the foreman or someone else ends up dead the same way as the corrupt city manager. He then goes back to his old nightclub which is owned by different gangsters now, and rips out that other guy’s gold teeth. All in a day’s work for Vince Vaughn.

Other thoughts:

  • It’s good to see that the construction site is adhering to OH&S guidelines; I could see the folder of Material Safety Data Sheets on the wall, which are for safe chemical handling. My old supervisor would be really proud of me right now because he loved the first season of this show and also he’s hyper-vigilant when it comes to OH&S.

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