What I’ve been watching, June 2015

I spent today cleaning the house I was house sitting at and just got back home at 6pm, so I don’t really have much to write about just yet. The dog got in the car while I was packing, it was very cute. Here’s a picture of her, her name is Strudel and she’s a dachshund/whippet cross, which basically means she has longer legs than a regular dachshund.


Anyway, I’m super tired and pretty much just waiting on pizza for dinner, and I’ll probably go to bed straight after I’ve eaten. So here are the things I’ve been watching for the past month or so and haven’t written about recently. There are spoilers up to Episode 309 of Orange Is the New Black.

Lost: I’m still on season five of Lost, not because it’s bad, but just because it didn’t grab me the same way season four did. I only have three episodes to go, and since I’m so close to the end of season five, I know that I have a total of 19 episodes left in the series. I say I’m not much of a sci fi person, but there’s a lot of good science fiction on television now, so it’s not really true any more. All of that being said, time travel is my favourite science fiction genre trope. I loved the Island moving through time, and I like that the remaining Oceanic 815 survivors on The Island are now part of the Dharma Initiative in the 1970s. Sawyer is my new favourite character; he really came into his own as a leader, and he actually considers his options before acting, rather than just reacting the way Jack did. The shipper in me also loves Sawyer and Juliet because both of them are too good for Jack and Kate, who deserve each other because they’re both so boring. So I’m worried that Kate will come between the two of them because she always wants what she can’t have. Lost is still a good show, I’m just worried that I’m nearly at the end.

Orange Is the New Black: Season three is definitely a step down from the first two. I’ve been watching and following along with The A.V. Club reviews, so I’ve seen the first nine episodes. I was wondering what they were going to do with Bennet, given that the actor now has a lead role on How To Get Away With Murder, and I think they addressed it well. In the first two episodes I remarked that he would be much more interesting if he was his character from that show, and I stand by it, but that problem has been solved. I also found it really strange, because I thought that Daya had soured on him slightly, and even though things have happened in the third season, she seemed to still be into him after having been pretty cold for most of season two. Alex hasn’t been particularly interesting, and as much as I love Ruby Rose, her character hasn’t really come to much yet. But there are some really interesting things going on, and I’m looking forward to watching the end of the season.

Those two shows are really all I’ve been watching over the past couple of weeks that I haven’t written about on a regular basis. There’s MasterChef, obviously, but I don’t have that much to say about it at the moment, other than that I thought that the changes to the power apron rules were better in that it was able to move between contestants between challenges. Heston Blumenthal is coming up next week, and that’s always fun. I’m going to have to come up with a new schedule for this blog soon because the Orphan Black season finale airs tomorrow. I might keep up with Madam Secretary – I googled the episodes I wasn’t able to watch on the Channel Ten website, and I understand most of it now. The secret daughter plot was really stupid though. Shows I’m planning to catch up on over the next few weeks are Hannibal and Les Revenants (the French The Returned) and maybe a few Netflix shows, but I might even see what’s on Australian television for a change. This has been an incredibly scatterbrained post, which is reflective of my state of mind right now. Happy watching!


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