Jane the Virgin, “Chapter Twenty”

In “Chapter Three”, Jane tells her mother and grandmother that she’s going to have sex with Michael. The reason she remained a virgin until now is so that she wouldn’t end up unmarried and pregnant, and that happened anyway. One of the most important lessons that Jane has learned over the couse of this show is that despite all of her plans, things didn’t turn out the way she expected. According to her best friend, she’s going to lose her virginity to her child. She started out the show engaged to her boyfriend of two years, since then her next boyfriend proposed to her and now they’ve broken up as well. Despite all of her plans, Jane is going to be a single mother, just like Xiomara.

Admittedly, this is an incredibly heightened situation, but I can’t help but cry when Jane breaks down in her Abuela’s arms with the realisation that she’s going to be a single parent. She knows that Alba and Xiomara are going to help – just look at the way the three of them put together that crib, they know what they’re doing, but it doesn’t make the situation any better. Jane’s anxieties manifest themselves in her desire to turn her baby, because it’s breeched, and she ends up briefly setting fire to her bed. Gina Rodriguez deserved that Golden Globe, and I hope she wins an Emmy, but the field is getting stronger. I can’t think of anyone other than Julia Louis-Dreyfus who is likely to beat her, especially now that Selina Meyer is the President, but she’s a powerhouse.

Aside from the reality of Jane’s single motherhood setting in, someone is finally doing something about “the hotel with all the murders” (sort of). Jane and Michael try to convict Magda for pushing Alba down the stairs, but they’re always a step behind, even when it looked like their breakthrough would yield results. Jane asks Rafael to fire Petra’s mother, and while I agree with Rafael that he can’t fire Petra, I understand why Jane decides to sue for custody of her child. Speaking of best laid plans, Jane went from willing to give the baby away, to thinking of raising it with Michael, to being in a relationship with Rafael, to trying to co-parent with Rafael and finally to suing for full custody of her child. And if the father of my child was the owner of a hotel where both his best friend (who was sleeping with his wife at the time) and his father were murdered, I wouldn’t want my child around any of that either.

My main issue with this episode of “Jane the Virgin” is the plight of Rafael. He lied to Jane and told her he didn’t love her, but that was a choice he made. He chose his hotel, and Luisa is completely right to tell him that Jane’s not just going to wait. All Jane wanted from him for weeks is that he would choose their child over the failing hotel, and when he broke up with her, that was pretty final. I’m at the point now with Rafael where I was with Michael after Jane dumped him. I’ve been in love, and I know it’s hard to move on, but don’t be such a baby.

Also Luisa’s back, which brings some lightheartedness back into the proceedings as she decides to take back control of her shares in the hotel. Because of her alcoholism, Luisa has to keep reminding Rafael that she has a pretty good IQ, so when Rafael and Petra were both trying to get Luisa’s vote, she managed to get  #MeleeattheMarbella to be a thing. I also really want to see more of Juicy Jordan in the weeks to come. Despite everything that’s gone on with Luisa and Rose, Luisa seems like one of the most stable characters on the show right now. Of course she wasn’t with Rose, Rose is a murderer who killed their father. She has in IQ of 152 guys, she’s not an idiot.

Other thoughts:

  • I read a review for this episode after it aired in the States last week, which was a mistake. Combined with the fact that I didn’t take notes this week, this has ended up a pretty short review.
  • Alba’s priest is interested in her as more than a friend, and unless he leaves the church, that relationship can’t go anywhere.
  • Fun fact: the reason Catholic priests can’t marry has nothing to do with their faith but more to do with the fact that the Church decided that it was too expensive to support whole families.
  • Rogelio is back on The Passions of Santos! I feel like the Rogelio and Xiomara storyline got short shrift this week, as half of it required them to use Jane as an intermediary. I also think that Jane would go and visit her father on his first day back as Santos for support, not just for her mother.
  • This baby will be due by the end of the season, right? We only have two episodes left.

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