Beginning of April Roundup!

So it’s Good Friday tomorrow and I just went out to dinner with a group of school friends, most of whom I’ve only seen once in the past year. It was great! I spoke to an actor about Birdman, and it was really good to get a different perspective on it. What this means is that I don’t feel like writing a really long review of anything in particular, so this is just going to be a /Filmcast What I’ve Been Watching-style post, which is all the usual things, as well as some things I’m catching up on. There are spoilers for these shows, so if you see something you don’t want to be spoiled on, move to the next section.

The 100: I’ve been catching up on the second season of The 100, and it’s pretty much my new favourite thing; I love it so much that I don’t want to watch it too quickly, especially since I know the new season won’t be starting until September or October. I’m currently halfway through the season, so I watched “Spacewalker” on Tuesday night, and it blew my mind. There were some things I already knew about that I accidentally learned when I was reading the character biographies on Wikipedia as I was trying to learn their names. I knew that Finn covered for Raven because he was under 18 and that Clarke killed him so that he wouldn’t have to die painfully, but that was it. I had no idea that Finn would go on a killing spree and that the Grounders would want justice for his crimes. Sure, that isn’t the way that the people on The Ark do justice, but they occupied other people’s land, and you have to make concessions. The shifting power dynamics on this show are also always fascinating; when the adults got there, they just assumed that things would be the same way they were on The Ark, which changed the dynamics of the working community the hundred had on the ground, completely ignoring that people have to be able to adapt to situations, and maybe the kids new more about Earth, having been the ones who had lived there. In regards to Mount Weather, it’s this place where the 47 are told they’re safe, but once we learn that they use the acid fog as a weapon, this place isn’t just District 13, it’s also The Capitol. The Mount Weather storyline isn’t as interesting as what’s happening with the Sky people and the Earth people, but I think it’s going somewhere interesting.

The Good Wife: It’s fine. The last episode was pretty amusing with everyone at Florric/Agos/Lockhart or whatever it’s called sniping at each other over emails, but the whole ‘Alicia doesn’t know how to please people after she’s been elected’ storyline seems out of character with what we know about Alicia. Sure, she doesn’t want to be Peter and just hire her friends, and she’s privileged enough that she’s able to do what she wants and not answer to white men most of the time, but surely she’s spent enough time around her estranged politician husband that she’d know what to do. Also I would like more kissing between Alicia and Finn. All television should have more kissing really. ANYWAY. Sarah Steele has been great this season, and Marissa Gold is my new favourite character on the show.

Strike Back: I finished the first season not long after I wrote my initial review, and it was a really compelling show. I like the intelligence conspiracy aspect of it, and I have no idea what was up with Latif, but that’s fine. I think everyone needs a show that they just watch for fun every once in a while and not analyse too much, and that’s what Strike Back is for me. Also Team Scott over Team Stonebridge.

I think that’s really all for now, I end up reviewing most of what I watch, and I haven’t been to see any movies since I watched the Oscars. I just needed a break. For my long weekend I’ll either rewatch Orange Is the New Black or read Wolf Hall, or possibly do neither of those things. I don’t know.


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