The Good Wife, Season 6 Episode 16: “Red Meat”

The Good Wife‘s writers like to toy with my emotions, that is, my shipping. I didn’t write about The Good Wife last week that I decided not to write about it, because they thought it would be a good idea to make Alicia and Johnny happen. While I’m not thrilled about it, I guess Steven Pasquale’s role on the show is done for now, and John is off to California/Florida to run a campaign/star in Netflix’s Bloodline. And now Finn is seeing someone, but I know that’s just a contrived barrier to keep him away from Alicia for as long as possible. It was so cute when he brought over Halo for her to play so she didn’t stress out about the election! Oh, also it was election day and Diane went hunting with Kurt and all his Republican friends. I just decided to get my shipper thoughts out of the way first.

I don’t really have much to say about this episode, particularly the election arc. Given that Alicia became Cook County’s next State’s Attorney, this definitely felt like a filler episode, probably because of Diane’s story. Anyway, onto the political machinations of the race. Alicia Florrick is a great lawyer, but will she be a great State’s Attorney? It doesn’t sound like she was particularly keen on the job, but she ran for it anyway. There was a section of the episode when it looked like Alicia wouldn’t win because Peter gave a speech saying that Alicia would be the next SA, and therefore people wouldn’t go out and vote for her. What this highlights, as Gwen Inhat wrote over at The A.V. Club, is that Peter is a much better politician than Alicia is. Alicia ended up running for this position because Eli wanted her to, and when she criticised her husband’s performance as State’s Attorney, he made it clear that he had the power to end her political career if he wanted to. There’s an amusing runner with Johnny and Josh trying to find someone from The West Wing to make a robo-call to mobilise Alicia’s base. Then Peter holds some sort of event (possibly a speech, I didn’t take notes as I was watching) that halts traffic in Chicago so it makes it impossible for Prady’s base to vote before the polls close.

This is a fairly generic election day plot that doesn’t do much other than give us a preview of what it would be like with The Florricks in office. I also found it quite bizarre (though I am Australian, and our local government elections aren’t this high profile) that the news called the race for Alicia about two minutes after the polls close. Over here (I’ve worked as a polling official on election days before), no votes are counted until the polls actually close, so it would be impossible to call the election without any votes having been reported in. Sure, I’m nitpicking, but I’ve spent four hours counting votes, it’s way too unrealistic.

Over in Wyoming, Diane is finally going on a holiday with Kurt. Did they even have a honeymoon? Diane is excited to go hunting with her husband, especially when she realises that she can land potential clients. Then she finds out that a tech billionaire who recently sacked his firm is there, and wants to sign him up. The catch? The women are to spend a day at the spa, and it turns out that the woman she thinks is his wife is actually a call girl. Anyway, Kurt calls Diane to tell her that he ‘brought the wrong rifle’, and Diane spends two hours arguing with Oliver Platt about abortion law. Then she shoots a deer, and realises that Platt is a really rich guy, and he might be a client! This is another fairly bland storyline that, like Alicia’s election storyline, would have been great in the first three seasons (even the start of the fourth, because no one cares about Kalinda’s husband) but is fairly lacklustre compared to what we know The Good Wife can do. That’s why I’m glad we got to see Alicia and Finn play Halo.

Other thoughts (aka Kalinda’s Corner) :

Kalinda is still taking Bishop’s son to school. There are investigators from the SA’s office following her, Bishop attacks them at the traffic lights. Bishop’s son is expelled from school for no other reason (that we know of, but he seems like a sweet kid) than who is father is, so Bishop’s going to retire from the drug trade. Bishop needs Kalinda to make sure Alicia won’t go after him in the SA’s office. If I was Lemond Bishop and I had all that money at my disposal, I would create a new identity for myself and move to another city, but whatever. This storyline is getting progressively less interesting, partly because of Archie Panjabi’s impending departure, and also I’m sick of this PAC/Bishop/Alicia thing. Since Bishop set up an anonymous PAC, Alicia is in no way obliged to decline to prosecute him, and also she’s a public enough figure that he wouldn’t be able to have her killed.


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